Thursday, March 26, 2009

Easter Tablescape Take 1

My table is set, so you know what that means, it's time to eat!!! No silly, it's time for Tablescape Thursday. First we show off, then we eat. Be sure to visit Susan at Between Naps on the Porch to see her fabulous tablescape and to find all the other dish addicts, I mean tablescapers. There are some real creative folk out there in blogland, and some regular folk like me as well. You will ooh and ahh and then you will want to go out & buy some dishes so you can join in on all the fun. So come on, I know you want to.

Since Easter is just a couple of weeks away, I thought I would do an Easter table. This is my first take. Next week I'll probably have a completely different version. But isn't that the fun of tablescaping, changing it up?

So here is my table for this week. The lace tablecloth came from Walmart on clearance. I got it for $5.00.
For some reason I am really into green for the past year or so. So soothing & earthy. For some reason the coloring in the photos seems more yellow than in actuality. I guess it's my lighting. I need to take photos during the daylight. But alas, I must work during the day to pay the mortgage. I need to try & do this on the weekend instead of 11:30pm on Wednesday night.
My white plates are JC Penney Home Collection. Don't know the pattern. They are white in person, but look cream in the photo. The green bunny plates are Bordallo as well as the small cabbage plates. My silverware is Oneida and I think the pattern is Michaelangelo. Not postive though. I need to get more forks, I'm down to 5 & I used to have 12. I think the kids (well they are technically adults now) are accidentally throwing them away. Either that or I have a poltergeist.
My foil bunnies came from TJ Maxx. Aren't they the cutest?
My centerpiece is a old silver candelabra that I painted white & then distressed. I added the crystal swags & prisms. I then placed green candles from the 99 cent only store. I surrounded the candelabra with a spring wreath I got from Michael's last year with a 50% off coupon. I love how it has hydrangeas & artichokes. Great combo.

The napkins I just got from a recent win on ebay. I got a really good deal on them & a small matching tablecloth. I used them in this place setting to give a little pink color.
The small pink, green & ivory bunnies on the cabbage plates came from Target this season. I just wish they would have had 4 different bunnies. But when I got them, they were the last 3. So not sure if there was a 4th one.

This little bunny box I found in my Easter stash. I have had it quite awhile, so not sure where it came from. I used it on the 4th cabbage plate.

A closeup of my Bordallo bunny plate. I got mine at Ross this year. I also saw them in yellow, but I'm not a big yellow fan, I liked the green better.

Here is a close up of the JC Penney plate. I really liked the look of these plates when I purchased them on clearance, but hate to eat off of them as they are so flat. I mostly use them as chargers, or they sit in my cupboard looking pretty. Hence, no chips, dings or scratches. I can't show you my real everyday dishes as they are all banged up & are crazing now because of age & the dishwasher.
My crystal goblets are a thrift store find. I am more of a plate addict than a goblet or silverware addict. We don't drink wine or champagne so I only use these glasses for water. And the champagne flutes I do have are used for sparkling cider for special occasions. I can't use my everyday glasses as I no longer have 4 that match. Seems my poltergeist likes glasses as well as forks as both seem to disappear.
And one final look at my table.
I'm really having fun doing these tablescapes, it's just real hard for me. I get an idea in my head, but then it doesn't end up looking as fabulous as it does in my mind. Does anyone else have this problem? I know a lot of you don't as your tablescapes are such fabulous creations. I strive to be you! I'll just keep watching & trying. Isn't that how you get good at something, you must practice, practice, practice. My mom would never believe I am practicing something. I usually give something up if I have to practice. I need to learn to take better photos. Maybe my son will let me borrow his Canon Rebel, I'll bet then my tablescapes will look fabulous!! Who am I kidding, well at least maybe the photos would look better.

Well I better waddle off to bed since it is after 12:30 in the morning & I have to get up in 6 hours to go to work. But I'd much rather stay here with you & look at tablescapes. I guess it will have to wait until tomorrow (which is now today). Until then, good night.

And don't forget to leave me a comment. Tell me how fabulous my tablescape is, lol. Or you can give me any suggestions you might have on how I can make my tablescape better. But be gentle, you wouldn't want me to get depressed, that wouldn't be any fun. And you wouldn't want me to quit practicing, you know you'd miss me. Wink, wink!


Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

your white plates are the same as the ones I got at goodwill last year! They are so flat - I guess that's why a whole set was as GW. We use them -- but Papa Bear complains! Love your bunnies!

Anonymous said...

Good morning. Your table is so fabulous! I love the green and yellow together. All the little bunnies are so darn cute. The centerpiece is lovely!! Ya did good. Hope you don't fall asleep at work today :0)

Chandy said...

I love Bordallo and the that JCP plates! I love it! What a gorgeous table! And the bunnies are oh so charming!

Anonymous said...

We have the same cute little smiling pink bunny. I always look at him and think he's got something up his sleeve.
Love your TT today and I love Easter.
Happy Day
Love Claudie

Anonymous said...

This is cute table. Love the Bordallo plates. If they start disappearing (like the silverware and glasses)you might have to suspect me :) Great table!

Domestic Designer said...

Your tablescape looks wonderful. I really like the Bordallo plates. The chandelier in the center it great! Thanks for sharing and have a great day!

Unknown said...

What a lovely table. Like you I'm on to shades of green and it's perfect to add whatever color flower you happen to have at the time. Aren't bunnies the cutest little creatures?
Happy Twirls,

Debra from Bungalow said...

I love your tablescape. I love the colors and the bunny plates and the fabulous white plates. Very nice.

Unknown said...

Your tablescape is beautiful! I love your centerpiece and your Foil Bunnies. I bought a foil bunny this year too. How can you resist?

Kathy said...

Your Easter tablescape is beautiful, I love your centerpiece, the candleabra looks awesome, your bunnies and the bunny Bordallo plates are adorable. Happy TT, Kathy.

Salmagundi said...

I loved your centerpiece! That is the hard part for me in tablescaping, but I keep practicing, too. I loved how your candle/wreath has height, but you can still see through it. The little bunnies are adorable. Can't wait to see what you come up with next week. Sally

B said...

Love the green plates and I also really like the candleabra. Everything is lovely.

Jewel Sauls said...

Everything is so cute! I like the flat plate/chargers!!!! I also love the bunny plates and the frolicking bunnies. :D Jewel

Bo said...

Oh Kim...where do I start... I love your white JCP plates...and I could kick myself for not grabbing the Bordallo bunny plates at my Ross when I had the chance...Your foil bunnies look like big candy ones...wonderful job! ;-) Bo

Susan @ A Southern Daydreamer said...

beautiful table! Happy Tablescape Thursday ~ Susan

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your tablescape, great job!! and your green bunny plates are2die for,
I love these tablescape Thursdays and hope to join in soon ; )
Gosh all your bunnies are so cute, Jannet

xinex said...

Beautiful Easter tablescape , Kim! Love the bunny Bordallo plates and your centerpiece, tablecloth and the little bunnies from Target are really pretty...Christine

Cass @ That Old House said...

Don't quit tablescaping! All you have to do is look at my sorry attempts and you will know how gorgeous yours are!

This table is elegant, just perfect, and done so beautifully. BTW I bow to you for that $5 tablecloth -- it looks like a rare antique cloth. Fantastic.

You have an excellent eye, and a creative soul. Keep tablescaping!

Best wishes... Cass

Victorian Garden Gourmet said...

I love your table-all those bunnies. I am a rabbit collector I must confess! I am having camera "issues" too. Everything comes out dark.
I also wanted to let you knwo you guessed the correct number of corks on my last TT-exactly 325!
Drop me an email with your address and I'll send out your seasoning.

Sue said...

Love everything!

Ldy ~~ Dy said...

Kim...I think your tablescape is very pretty. I love your green bordallo dishes. I have those too! I am loving green as well!! Yours look very nice against your white dishes. Your foil Easter bunnies are cute too! Oh...and thanks for stopping by!! Hugs!

Alisa Lucas-Brown said...

Hi Kim!
I love your Easter table! Those green plates with the little bunnies are my FAVORITE! You and I must have the same tastes because our blog backgrounds are the same! Ha, ha! Green and yellow are Easter classics and I love the way you have pulled the two together and accesoried your table. It simply is lovely. The white plates you are featuring a beautiful. I use white dishes almost exclusively. I like to incorporate color and theme with lines and salad plates. Love what you've done. See ya soon!

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hey Girlfriend...

So glad that you stopped by and took a little peek at my "Brume de Rose" tablescape and thank you so much for all of your compliments!!! Merci boucoup!

Well darlin'...I just adore your beautiful Easter tablescape! You are such a creative decorator...and it always shows in your tablescapes!!! That centerpiece is gorgeous and just makes your table! Love that candelabra...I think you may have to send it to me...I'll give you my address! hehe! I love how you placed that pretty floral wreath at the base...soooo pretty!!! Girl, you got a deal on that beautiful lace's gorgeous!!! Now I'll have to take a look at Walmart to see if they have that! Beautiful place that pretty white plate...ahhh...all the fabulous ornate detailing! So frenchy, my friend! And you know that I love your bunny Bordallo plates...I was eyeing them when you changed out your hutch display (wink!) Love the foil bunnies...I do love my bunnies and while you're packing my candelabra..please wrap up those darling little cream, green, and pink bunnies!!! Don't you know that they would be sooo perfect in my Tea Rose bedroom!!! Hehehe!!! You've really set a beautiful Easter table, Sweetie! I enjoyed every inch of it!

Have a fabulous Friday!

Linda (Nina's Nest) said...

You are so funny - and I feel the same way about tablescapes . However, you hit the jackpot on this one. It is so pretty, and that centerpiece is all the changes to did to it. Also, saw those bunny plates today at Ross and wish I had bought some now after seeing yours. Linda

a quiet life said...

very cute table!

Nancy said...

A girl after my own heart...thanksgiving in March. LOL.. Had I know I would have brought the dishes! oh I love those plates. What a wonderful table setting. Merry Easter...LOL. :)Nancy

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Oh Kim...I love yur full of good ideas! I like the way you placed teh napkins on the cabbage plates with the cute! And what a great idea for a candlabra...paint it white....hmmmm!I need to look closely at GW!! Have a great wekend...Debbie