Thursday, March 6, 2008

Spring has sprung?

I don't know about any of you, but even though I love winter (by California standards), I am always so happy when Spring arrives. I don't think it is "officially" here yet but it is getting close! The last few days it has been sunny & warmer - which always makes me happy. I hope that as you read this none of you have snow outside or you might not appreciate my blog as much as me.
This last week has been crazy around our house. Jamey was invited to go to Rome, Italy with a friend of his & just returned late last night. As it turned out my girlfriends & I had been planning a weekend away (to Santa Barbara) for the same weekend that he was going to be in Italy. So we had to farm the boys out - but luckily Zak & Nate are old enough to stay home alone & we only had to find places for Simon & Noah... Any of you who have more than two kids know what I mean when I tell you it is IMPOSSIBLE to find someone who will take care of all 4 kids at one time!! So the fact that we only had to find somewhere for 2 kids (instead of all 4), made the task much simpler.

Anyway, my mom picked up Noah after school on Friday and he stayed with my parents & Jodi until Saturday morning. (Hence the video that Noah & Brandon taped at Grandma's house).... Simon went home after school with his buddy from school (and church) until Saturday morning. Jamey's brother Kevin picked up the boys from their respective places & they spent the night with him & his family. I think all in all, these two boys had a great time with family & friends. Thanks so much for all of you for helping make our time away more relaxing because we knew we didn't have to worry about our boys.

Believe it or not - my two teenage boys that stayed at home did just fine. No parties, girls or anything bad. I am happy that I know I can trust them to do what is right. Thanks boys!!

Once I figure out how to post pictures on this I will add pictures from Santa Barbara & Italy. We both had a good time & I hope to report sometime soon that we actually vacationed together... although we did go to San Francisco in November for our 20th anniversary (which reminds me, who owes me money for betting that we wouldn't last 6 months??? Jodi, was that you??).

I've rattled on long enough. Again, it would be nice to hear how the rest of you are doing (Reeds & Bunkers). As much as I love to hear about Kim & Jodi's day - I talk to them often so it would be even more interesting to hear about the rest of your lives!!

Love ya,