Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Kira!!!

Today is Kira's birthday. Kira is one of Marti's daughters. So she is one of Joni's grand daughters. And today is her birthday. So everyone, please wish Kira a happy birthday.

Hope you like cupcakes!!!

Have a great day & many birthday wishes from all of us.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Anna'sfirst reaction to solids

(Oooops, I posted this on the worng blog but it all works out because now you can see what our little Anna is up too.. I will also post this on my Blog, ) By the way I am Katie Harp and I am Marti's 5 child.)

About a month ago we started Anna on rice cereal. This is her reaction to her first taste of "solid" food. I love to watch her eat. She is a pretty funny girl. She has now tried watermelon, peach, mango (all of which she has just sucked on), rice cereal, oatmeal, green beans, squash, and avocado. She does really well with new foods and I hope that she continues to be a good eater.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Utah vacation-The finale

Edited 8/22/10. Oops!!! I totally forgot to put that we went to Melissa's house for dinner on Thursday. So scroll down & find updated info. Sorry no pics though. I totally forgot to take any while at her house.

I've been back from vacation for 2 weeks now & I'm just getting around to posting about our last 3 days of vacation. Boy am I a slacker. But then, you already knew that.

We really didn't do much the last couple of days we were in Utah. On Thursday Andrea and I went down to Orem to do some more shopping and a little visiting.

We shopped at a clothing thrift store called Plato's Closet. It is geared more towards teenagers and young adults. But Andrea managed to find an outfit to wear to Taylor's wedding reception there. Andrea had fun trying on clothes, I just held the clothes & watched as she modeled each outfit. The place was hopping. Seemed like the "in" place to buy used clothes.

After shopping we went to "In & Out" for lunch. They finally have them in Utah now, and they are just as packed as the ones in California.

We then met up with some friends of mine, Launi & Laurie. They are sisters & lived in our ward in El Cajon when I was a teenager. I was friends with both of them. In fact, I was a bridesmaid when Laurie got married.

They moved to Utah after Launi & I graduated from high school. I moved to Utah a few years later. Launi was Brandon's babysitter for awhile when he was about 2 years old.

It was great fun getting to visit with them for an hour or so. Neither has changed much. And yes, I am looking through rose colored glasses. We are all still young and thin. Ok, ok, only Andrea is. But Launi is still a hoot. She has a blog called Gracious Rain. You should check it out, and see for yourself. I love Launi's sense of humor.

Here we are from left to right: Me, Laurie, Launi, Andrea

Next Andrea & I drove down to Provo to go to The Quilted Bear store. It's a store full of hand crafted items as well as home decor stuff. You know, my kind of store. They have 3 stores in Utah. Once upon a time they had a location in Las Vegas that I would visit. But it looks like they now only have the 3 stores in Utah.

The store was full of fall & Halloween decor.

I loved these blocks that spelled out "family". I may just have to make me some.

I mostly took photos of stuff that I liked that I thought I might be able to recreate. I know, I'm cheap and a cheater.

I am really looking forward to fall and the approaching holiday season. Just think, Christmas is in 4 months. I know that seems like a long time away, but it will be here before we know it.

I loved these signs as well.

And don't you love the orange bottle brush trees? I may have to make me some this year.

That pretty much sums up Thursday. I can't remember what we did for dinner. But we did hang out with Todd and the girls in the evening. We probably watched a movie since this is what we did most every night.

UPDATED 8/22/10: I now remember what we did for dinner on Thursday night. We went up to Salt Lake City to Melissa's house for dinner. DOY!!! How could I forget that? But I forgot to take any photos while there.

And for those of you in the family who don't know who Melissa is. She is Marilyn's daughter so that makes her my cousin.

We had a great time visiting with Melissa and Scott and met their 3 girls. They have a beautiful home. But would you expect any less from Melissa.

Melissa fixed pork tacos that were so yummy. We had a fabulous rice and black beans as well. And she had a killer salsa. Now I make a pretty killer salsa, but Melissa's was even better. I'll have to get the recipe from her.

On the way home it was lightning & thundering. We did see a bolt of lightning hit something far off in the distance as what ever it hit lit up like it was on fire, then there was a huge blue glow for a little bit. Probably hit a transformer of some sort. I tried to get some lightning on video, but kept just missing it.

On Friday I didn't take any photos. Andrea met one of her friends Amy for lunch a few miles from Todd's house. I dropped her off at the restaurant & then went shopping at Walmart. About an hour and a half later Andrea called me & said she was ready to be picked up. I said goodbye to Todd (he was working at Walmart) and he was surprised that I was still at Walmart. He had already been to lunch & back. I told him, I didn't even get to see everything in Walmart. I could be there for hours if I wanted. He was so surprised (I guess he doesn't know girls very well).

After I picked up Andrea we again went shopping down in Orem/Provo. Now that I'm thinking about it, it may have been Friday that we went to The Quilted Bear & not Thursday. If that was the case, I can't remember what we did Thursday afternoon. Oh well, I'm sure it was shopping. Seems like we mostly went shopping on this trip. My kind of vacation!!!!

Friday evening Andrea, Todd, Julianna & I went to dinner at KFC. Mari couldn't go as she had to work.

Saturday morning we left Todd's house about 7am. We drove to Provo to pick up Andrea's boys from EFY. Sounds like they all have a blast. Simon said he had so much fun. I asked him if he wanted to go again next year. He said probably not, as he had more than his fill of Mormon's to last him a few years. He is too funny.

We stopped at McDonald's for breakfast before leaving town. We got on the road about 8:30am. Simon and his friend Fielding rode in the truck with Andrea and me. Andrea's nephew Troy was driving a car that followed us all the way home. Troy's youngest brother Eric & Andrea's son Nate road in Troy's car.

We stopped in Cedar City for gas and for Troy & Nate to trade off driving.

As we passed through St George I tried to get a photo of the temple. I finally got a somewhat descent one. It's hard taking photos while the car is moving. Especially with a point and shoot camera.
The prettiest part of the drive from Utah to California is when you go through the Virgin River Canyon in Arizona (between St George, Ut & Mesquite, NV).

The Virgin River actually had some water in it this time. But look how muddy it was.

We did stop in Mesquite, NV to go to the bathroom & switch drivers. Plus Del Taco was having 39 cent tacos. So we ate tacos and we were on our way again.

We again stopped in Jean, NV so Troy & Nate could switch drivers again. And one final stop in Barstow. Troy & Nate switched driving every time we stopped. Andrea & I only switched in Mesquite.

Our final destination was not home, but the OC (Orange County) Fair. Jamey was working at the fair. We were suppose to meet up at the fair with Jamey and my hubby Mike. We got there about 6pm. Met Mike in the parking lot so I could put all my stuff in our car.

Jamey then got all of us into the fair for free. And you know how I love free. He even had hotel rooms for us at the local Motel 6.

Once we were at the fair, we all split up & went our separate ways. Mike and I had a fun time at the fair. But I was soooo tired from driving all day.

Here are some of my favorite things about going to the fair.

Tablescapes. You know how I love tablescapes. And the fair is a good place to get ideas. I loved this pirate tablescape. But I think my own version from last Halloween is even better.

They had this cool, I mean cold, ice house with ice statues. It was put on by some local company that does ice sculptures. They were fabulous.

You know I love anything that is an Eiffel Tower. This one is made out of bread.

This birth of Venus statue is made from white chocolate.

A tribute to the OC Fair with bread.

I love all the colorful & bright food places. Too bad the food is so expensive. Mike & I only had corn on the cob while at the fair.

I love the fair at night. Especially the midway.

We had fun watching other people spend their money playing games. Lot's of people with stuffed animals they had won though.

And what is a fair without funnel cakes? Nothing! But did I have one? NO! I was trying to be a good girl.

And a ferris wheel screams, FAIR!!!! But we didn't go on any rides. Comes from not being able to ride any when I was a child. That, or, NO MONEY!!!! I think the 2nd reason is most likely the truth.

We did go in the petting zoo. I love seeing the animals at the fair. Just don't like the smell.

Mike & I spent about 4 hours at the fair. We pretty much saw everything we wanted to see. Afterwards we went to the Motel 6 where Jamey had a room reserved for us. Never did see Andrea and Jamey. But did see some of the boys in the swimming pool. I asked them where they had eaten dinner. Simon said there was a Jack in the Box down the street.

Mike and I were starving by this time so we got in our car to find some place to eat. Mike wanted to find a Denny's or a Coco's. Something like that. But we couldn't find anything. We finally stopped at a Circle K to ask. The workers had no clue, so I asked the customers. Some drunk guy who was buying more booze told me about "Norm's". Said it was like Denny's, only better. He gave me directions that turned out to be correct.

This was our first time eating at "Norm's". I had seen commercials for them on TV, just had never seen one. Let me tell you, the food was pretty good. And cheap! Plus you got a lot of food. Mike had a rack of ribs for $12.00. Came with soup and salad, bread, rack of ribs, french fries and coleslaw. I had the steak & shrimp special for $9.99. Mine came with soup and salad, steak, 6 big shrimp, baked potato and green beans. We couldn't eat all the food. Lucky for us, the motel room had a little fridge to put the left overs in.

And now for a tour of our Motel 6 room:

The room was pretty sparse. Had laminate floor instead of carpeting. But it did have a flat screen TV. Also came with free WiFi, a little fridge and a microwave.

Here is the bed. I felt like we were sleeping in the Ikea showroom. The bed was sort of floating. The side tables were floating. And all the lighting was fluorescent.

The bathroom did have a cool sink.

And what is this on the wall? The room was a little too modern for my tastes. But much better than I thought Motel 6 would be.

All in all, it was a good room. Did have a good night sleep. By the time Mike & I checked out Sunday morning (11am), Andrea's family had already gone back to the fair. I was too tired to go back, so Mike and I headed home.

So there you have the final report of what I did on my summer vacation.

I had a great time hanging out with Andrea all week and getting to spend time with Todd and his girls. The food was good, the shopping was good and the company was even better. I told Andrea we need to do this every year.


P.S. And now for my contest. How many times did I mention Walmart in all my posts about this vacation? There are 3 different posts. The first person with the correct answer will win something. I don't know what yet, but I'll think of something. Probably something from Walmart. lol. Leave your guesses in comments. Contest ends when someone guesses correctly. And yes, the Walmart's mentioned in this PS also count.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy birthday Taylor & Congrats on getting married

I apologize for being so lame in blogging lately. I don't know what has come over me. Must be the lazy days of summer.

Well anyways, today is Taylor's 20th birthday. Taylor is Eric's youngest daughter, Dorothy's grand daughter. So that makes her my favorite niece who just got married. I can say that as she is my only niece who is married. Tee hee!

That is right Taylor is now a married woman.

Taylor & Michael Stones were sealed for time & all eternity in the San Diego temple on 8/14/10. They are now on their honeymoon.

So I wanted to wish them congrats on their wedding. And to wish Taylor a Happy Birthday.

Happy birthday Tay Tay!!! We love you.

Aunt Kim

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Utah Vacation Wednesday

Wednesday was Todd & Mari's day off of work. Plus Todd's youngest daughter Erin was coming over for the day. We decided that we would celebrate Erin's 12th birthday which was on 7/30.

We also invited Todd's other daughter Daniella but she decided not to come. I think she felt a little uncomfortable as she didn't really know Andrea and me. But Erin didn't either, but she came over.

We originally were going to go to slide rock for the day. But the weather had other ideas. So we decided to go swimming instead. Our choices were Scera pool in Orem, or an indoor pool in Lehi. Since the weather looked bad, we opted for the indoor pool. Plus it was closer.

Todd & Andrea soaking in the hot tub.

Erin waiting for the big bucket to fill with water & pour down on everyone. Sorry that the pic is a little fuzzy. It seems all the photos I took of the girls at the pool came out this way.

Julianna, Erin & Mari after getting out of the pool. Only Mari was looking when I took the photo.

Andrea & Todd as we were getting to leave the pool. See the doors behind them. When we first arrived they had this end of the pool area open. There is a deck area where you can lay out. But once the rain started, they closed up the pool.

There is actually 3 pools here. This section of the biggest pool is only about 1 ft deep. It has this huge play area for the kids that shoots out water everywhere. The big bucket on top fills with water every few minutes & then tips over & pours the water out all over everyone underneath. The kids really enjoyed this. To the right there is a section of pool that is about 2 ft deep for kids to play in & goof around. Then there is a separate pool for babies with lots of fun areas to play, and a separate deeper pool where people can swim laps & play water basketball. Not to mention a water slide. I didn't take photos of these areas. Sorry.

It was raining cats & dogs while we were at the pool. The roads were flooding as we were leaving. This is one of the intersections in Lehi where we were.

After we got back to Todd's house we celebrated Erin's birthday. But first we ate dinner. Todd made a cream cheese chicken & rice meal that was so yummy. Afterwards it was time for cake.

Julianna made a chocolate cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting.

Erin was so excited that we were celebrating her birthday.

Here is Erin getting ready to cut the cake. She was trying to look like a killer. But she couldn't quit smiling & laughing. I guess she wouldn't make a very good killer.

Julianna actually ended up cutting the cake. Todd dished up the ice cream.

After cake & ice cream it was time to open presents. Andrea made Erin a bunch of flowers hair barrettes and a flower head band. Julianna put all of them on Erin at the same time. Luckily Erin was a good sport.

Here is Erin reading the birthday card from Mari & Julianna.

Oops! I guess we had cake & ice cream after opening the gifts. But now I am too lazy to switch around the pictures.
Mari & Julianna.
Besides celebrating Erin's birthday, the weather also took center stage yesterday. It was stormy almost all day.

The wind blew all day. And we got quite a bit of thunder, lightening and rain.

The girls had a great time playing out in the street while it was raining. They danced, sang songs & generally had a fun time.

They played out in the rain for about 1/2 hour. Even Mari's dog Emma played with them.

Todd & Andrea watching the incoming storm.

Mari, Erin & Julianna soaking wet after their romp in the rain.

The sky right before dark. The storms kept coming in all day & half of the night. But Andrea and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Here are some videos of our day.

Mari, Julianna & Erin getting wet at the pool.

The storm coming in at Todd's house. This is the tree in his front yard. The neighborhood kids love to climb this tree.

All of us singing "Happy Birthday" to Todd's daughter Erin

Mari, Julianna & Erin playing in the rain.

Overall it was a great day. It was a real treat getting to see Erin. She seemed to have a great time too.

Time is going so quickly here. We only have a few days left. Boo hoo.