Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012

Christmas 2012

This year for Christmas we had it at Grandma & Grandpa Langston's house.  Eric's family arrive about 11:00am and Andrea's family arrived about 11:30am.  Kim's family showed up about 1:00pm.  It was really fun and a lot of catching up with each other.  Here are a few pictures that were taken of the day.

 Page - Taylor & Michael's Daughter
Great Grandma & Page


Jeanette & Taylor talking with Elder Cade Langston on Phone

Page playing with a Nativity Set

Page & Michael


Jeanette, Page, Taylor & Todd

Page (So Cute)

Taylor & Page Smiling for the camera

Jase & Page

Simon Prescott & Page

Simon & Page & Great Grandma


Taylor, Michael, Jase, Andrea & Nathan

Brandon, Zak, Leslie (Zak's Girl friend)

Noah being Noah

Jamey, Michael, Nathan & Jase

Mike, Taylor, Michael Nathan & Jase

Simon & Todd


Brandon, Simon, Todd, Eric, Jeanette, Zak, Leslie

Andrea, Page, Mike, Grandpa & Kim

Jeannette, Page & Andrea

Great Grandma & Sleeping Page

4 Generations Jeanette, Taylor Page & Great Grandma Langston


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Temple Lights

 Thought I would post something since no one has in a LONG LONG time. I hope you enjoy!
 If you've never been to the San Diego LDS Temple - here are some pictures to enjoy. It really is a beautiful temple. The temple is the House of the Lord & his spirit dwells there - you can feel it anytime of the year, but it is especially strong during this time of the year. The true meaning of Christmas can be felt while you are walking the grounds.

If you are near by, make sure to take some time to stop by & enjoy... it really is beautiful!!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

Memorial Day
Monday May 28th Kim had a party to celebrate Memorial Day.  Mom, Dad and I were planning on going up but Mom wasn't feeling good so she stayed at home.  We got to Kim's house and the 1st thing I wanted to do was hold Page.  She is soo cute.  I loved holding her.  She is a really good girl.  We had hamburgers and hot dogs for dinner.  Kim did a really good job. Here are some pictures I took:
 Great Grandpa Langston holding his 1st Great Grandchild Page
 Great Grandpa & Page
 Taylor & Page & Great Grandpa
 Danica & Jeanette
 Jodi, Page, Taylor and Great Grandpa
  Jodi, Page, Taylor and Great Grandpa
 Taylor & Grandpa
 Great Aunt Jodi & Page
 Grandma Jeannette Rocking Page to Sleep
 Sleepy Page
 Rocking Page to Sleep
 Grandpa Eric
 Pop Michael & Page
 Diaper Change
 First Bikini
 Page cutie pie!!!
 Proud Great Aunt Jodi & Page
 Great Aunt Jodi & Page

I figured Kim would post pictures of Page earlier but I guess she's toooo busy so I am posting some pictures.