Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl Fun with the Family & some birthday shout outs.

Yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday. I love this day. Not necessarily for football, mostly for the company and the food. And let's not forget the commercials.

I invited Eric's family over to watch the game & partake in the food. Only Eric, Cade & Danica came over. Jase wanted to stay home and Jeannette wasn't feeling good. Taylor and her husband Michael couldn't come as they had to take Michael's nephews back home.

Jesse loves Super Bowl Sunday as it gives him a reason to make Spicy Chicken Wings. Except we use chicken tenders instead of wings. You get a heck of a lot more meat for the money.

Here is Jesse and his girlfriend Brin deep frying the chicken tenders.

Eric & I are wimps, we had chicken tenders that only had BBQ sauce on them. We don't like spicy ones. Danica didn't even eat any as she is on a diet & is trying to eat healthy. Everyone else likes theirs spicy. Cade even asked Jesse to make one super hot. And boy did he deliver. It was sooooo hot that Cade couldn't even eat one. Brandon tried it & said it was "Dang hot".

I also cooked meatballs in the crock pot with BBQ sauce. Very yummy!!! I never did take a photo of the chicken tenders, the meat balls or the fries.

But here is a photo of the rest of the food.

Danica made veggie pizzas on pita bread with sauce, feta cheese, garlic and sliced peppers. For being healthy pizza, it was pretty good. But I still like "real" pizza the best. Danica also brought veggies and dip as well as fruit and a dip. Eric brought chips and sodas. I made salsa, guacamole and nacho cheese dip. I also made brownies and Amish Friendship bread for dessert. We had plenty of food. So no one went hungry.

Here is part of the gang getting ready for the game to start. Eric & Cade showed up in their Charger jerseys. Too bad the Chargers suck. It would be great to see them in a Super Bowl. A girl can dream.

Brandon, Cade & Eric sat on the couch. Danica sat in the rocking chair. But she was freezing as she was closest to the front door that was open. It was a beautiful day in sunny southern California yesterday. It reached 80 degrees. But Danica had gotten sunburned on Saturday when they went out to the desert to ride their quads. So the cool breeze coming in the front door made her chilly. She eventually had to wrap up in a blanket.

Mike was in his usual seat at the computer. Not a very good photo as the glare from the window makes for lousy photos.

That was all the photos I took. Was too busy eating & watching the game. Luckily we were all rooting for the Packers. And even better that they won. Yipee!!!

My favorite part is watching the commercials. There was some seriously funny ones in the beginning, then they got kind of lame. My favorites were the Doritos commercials and the Darth Vadar VW commercial.

And the best part of the whole day? A new episode of Glee was on after the game.

Did you watch the game? Did your team win? What was your favorite commercial?

And before I leave, I do want to do a couple of birthday shout outs to some family members.

My cousin John had a birthday yesterday. Happy Birthday John!

And today is Nate & Colin's birthdays. They are my nephews. Nate is Andrea's son and Colin is Todd's son. So Happy Birthday to the both of you!!

Sorry that I have been lame with the birthday shout outs. I keep forgetting to do them.