Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Andrea!

Today is Andrea's birthday!

So I want to take this opportunity to wish Andrea a very happy birthday.

happy birthday lil sis

birthday lots of love

Love you!!!


Friday, April 8, 2011

Snow in SoCal? You betcha!

It's snowing!!!

You heard me right, it's snowing here at our work in Moreno Valley.

In Southern California.

In April!

The above video is of snow falling on Brandon's windshield.

It's kind of hard to see. But it was snowing.

Easier to see on the red van.

I know all of you that live with snow all winter long are thinking, is she nuts for getting so excited?

But we never get snow here. So this is a big dealio.

Just thought I would share.

Now back to work I go.


Happy 21st birthday to Elder Prescott

Elder Prescott is the birthday boy today. And who is Elder Prescott? I'm glad you asked.

Why he would be Andrea & Jamey's oldest son Zak who is on a mission in Michigan.

Today he turns 21.

Elder Prescott is the one on the right. I borrowed this photo from Zak's Facebook profile.

In this photo Elder Prescott is the blond one in the middle in the back.

Here is Elder Prescott in the cold snow. Much different than living in southern California.

Elder Prescott (left) and one of his companion's enjoying a meal out.

I lifted the rest of these photos from Andrea's Facebook page. Thank goodness for Facebook or I wouldn't have any photos of Elder Prescott while on his mission.

Zak only has 8 more months left till he comes home. Time is really flying now.

I just sent my first letter to Zak this week. I know, I'm a terrible Aunt.

If you haven't written to Zak aka: Elder Prescott, you better hurry up. If you need his address, just contact me or Andrea. But transfers come up in a few weeks. You know how they like to move the missionaries around.

Happy 21st Birthday Elder Prescott!!!

We love and miss you and can't wait until you are home again. Keep up the good work!


Aunt Kim