Friday, June 1, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

Memorial Day
Monday May 28th Kim had a party to celebrate Memorial Day.  Mom, Dad and I were planning on going up but Mom wasn't feeling good so she stayed at home.  We got to Kim's house and the 1st thing I wanted to do was hold Page.  She is soo cute.  I loved holding her.  She is a really good girl.  We had hamburgers and hot dogs for dinner.  Kim did a really good job. Here are some pictures I took:
 Great Grandpa Langston holding his 1st Great Grandchild Page
 Great Grandpa & Page
 Taylor & Page & Great Grandpa
 Danica & Jeanette
 Jodi, Page, Taylor and Great Grandpa
  Jodi, Page, Taylor and Great Grandpa
 Taylor & Grandpa
 Great Aunt Jodi & Page
 Grandma Jeannette Rocking Page to Sleep
 Sleepy Page
 Rocking Page to Sleep
 Grandpa Eric
 Pop Michael & Page
 Diaper Change
 First Bikini
 Page cutie pie!!!
 Proud Great Aunt Jodi & Page
 Great Aunt Jodi & Page

I figured Kim would post pictures of Page earlier but I guess she's toooo busy so I am posting some pictures.