Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Becky & some belated birthday wishes!

I just realized that today is Becky's birthday. Becky is Joni's daughter, and she is my cousin. I wish that I lived closer to Becky as she is a fabulous person & I know it would be a blast to hang out with her. I might even learn how to decorate a cake.

So happy birthday Becky, even though there is only a few more hours left of your birthday.


P.S. I have been bad on birthdays this month. I know I missed wishing Aunt Joni & Rick a birthday greeting at the beginning of the month. And I'm pretty sure that Becky's son Matthew had a birthday sometime this month as well. Aunt Joni's family has a lot of March birthdays.

Happy belated birthday to all family members that I missed this month.

If I miss someone's birthday it's probably because I don't know you are having a birthday. If everyone could email me with birthday info for everyone in their family, I would greatly appreciate it.

P.S.S. Sorry that I haven't blogged much. I've been so busy with work and life in general. Plus I've been lazy. I'll try & do better.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St Paddy's Day!!!

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I hope you have a lucky day!

If you missed any of my St Patrick's day decor over at my other blog, go to Starshine Chic to see. Do you decorate for St Patrick's day at your house?

What are your plans for today? I have to work. Tonight I might fix Shepard's Pie for dinner. I hate corned beef and cabbage. How about you?


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Photo for Erin

Erin posted on her family blog about her family. She is trying to figure out who her daughter Aubrey looks like. She doesn't think that she looks like her or her busband. She thinks maybe she looks like her mom Marti (Erin's mom). She asked if I had a photo of Marti when she was a child.

So here you go Erin, I think it's the only photo I have. Your mom Marti is on the far left. The photo says it was taken in Apr 1962. So I would have been about 3 1/2. If I was 3 1/2 in this photo, then your mom would have been almost 5 years old. I am right next to Marti. Then Becky (she should have been 3), then on the far right is my brother Eric who would have been almost 2.

I tried to make the photo large so you could see your mom a little better. I hope this helps you.


Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Jessica!!!

I want to wish a very Happy Birthday to Jessica!!! Jessica is Becky's daughter. That makes her Joni's grand daughter.

Jessica just recently moved back to the states from South Korea. She has her own family blog McAllister Family.

Hope you have a fantastic birthday Jessy!!!