Sunday, April 20, 2008

Easter 2008

Here are some photos I took at Easter. I know I am about a month late posting them, but I am the world's best procrastinator. I didn't take any photos of my family for some reason. Probably because I didn't think to take photos until everyone was leaving.

I had Easter at my house again this year. The weather was perfect. Last year it was so cold & this year it was very warm. Mom, Dad & Jodi were able to come up for the day. Eric's family only lives about 15 minutes from me so they came too. Andrea's family was not able to come up as Jamey had a broken collarbone from a snowboarding accident & was in a lot of discomfort. Todd's family did not come as they live too far away. But we had a good time with the family we did have.

We cooked 2 hams so that we would have left overs. Easter is so much easier than Thanksgiving. You don't have to cook as much & the food you do cook is much easier to prepare & cook.

Jodi hid Easter eggs in the backyard for the kids to find. Even though the youngest kid is now 15 and the oldest is 24, they all had fun searching for the eggs.

What did the rest of you do for Easter?

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