Thursday, May 12, 2011

Easter, Langston style

Ok, I know that I am late in posting about Easter. But I've been so busy aka: lazy.

Better late than never. Besides, you have seen most, if not all of these photos on facebook. Darn that facebook. It has taken all the fun out of blogging. Well almost.

Anyhoo, here is how the Langston side of the family celebrated this Easter. Well all the Langston's except for Todd's family. They were missing in action. We missed you Todd, and your family. Maybe next year.

We decided to have Easter this year at Mom and Dad's house. That way they didn't have to drive the hour and a half to either Eric or my house. Plus, I didn't have to clean my house for company. Woo hoo!

I had great plans to make some Easter decorations but I tend to procrastinate, plus I'm lazy, so I didn't get them made prior to going down to Mom and Dad's. So when I arrived, I roped Danica (Eric's oldest daughter) into helping me make the decorations.

Danica is helping me wrap the plastic utensils in orange napkins to make them look like carrots.

I helped too.
And this is how they turned out. Aren't they just too dang cute? I saw this idea in blogland and I had to copy. I don't have an original bone in my body. I just copy, copy, copy. But ours turned out cuter than the ones I saw online. Sorry, but the truth hurts sometimes.

I also made this cute "Hoppy Easter" banner at the last minute. Jodi helped me but cutting out the green circles with her "Cricut" machine. Thanks Jodi!

For dinner we had ham, cheese potatoes, corn, rolls, jello salad & tossed salad.

I made the cheese potatoes. But then I always do. It's the dish I have to make each year. Come rain or shine. But they are sooooo good. I had this huge dish plus another 9x13 pan. This pan was gone in a flash & about 1/4 of the 2nd pan. The Langston's love their cheese potatoes.

I brought the green plates to coordinate with my carrot utensils. Plus I brought the bunny candles and the planter of wheat grass. Jeannette made the tossed salads. Jodi did everything else. Andrea and Jamey brought ice cream cake for dessert but it disappeared faster than anyone could take a photo of it.

After dinner we all went outside to visit. It was pretty chilly outside that day.

Here is Dad, Danica, Brandon, Jeannette and me.

Noah gave a thumbs up to the get together. Brandon, Taylor & Michael in the background & Simon on the right.

Brandon doesn't like getting his photo taken, so he stuck out his tongue. I think Eric's kids are the only ones in our family who like getting their photos taken. They don't seem to make funny faces or hide their face like mine and Andrea's kids.

Dad, Danica and Brandon.

I forgot that Jodi had an Easter egg hunt for the kids. Here is Nate and Cade with some of the eggs they found. Are we ever too old for an Easter egg hunt? I don't think so.


Dad playing a game on his phone. His favorite past time.

Taylor and her hubby Michael as well as my son Brandon in the back yard looking for Easter eggs.

Cade in the house before dinner. He has that "let's hurry up and eat" look on his face.

Eric, Andrea, Mom on the swing. Jesse (my stepson) to the right. Eric said that he wanted to get a swing like this for his deck. Jodi was telling him he could have their extra one. That is, until Mom found out. She was like "Why are you giving away my stuff Jodi?". We all know who's boss, so Eric will be buying his own swing if he wants one for his deck now.

Simon and Nate (Andrea's boys)

Most of the kids went out front to play with this flying disk that Nate is holding.

They had lots of fun and burnt up some pent up energy.

This is Jase (Eric's oldest son). He stayed in the house. Looks like he is already growing back the beard he shaved off for his friends wedding. He told me he was going to grow back his beard & let his hair get long again. He likes the homeless bum look. The rest of us, not so much.

Taylor and Michael. Ahhhhh, aren't they such a cute couple? Why yes, they are.

Before everyone left, I made everyone pose for photos.

Here is Andrea's family. Simon, Noah, Andrea, Jamey (only pic Jodi or I got of him) and Nate. I had to take a few before I got this semi serious one. Andrea's family goofs off the most when taking photos.

And speaking of Andrea's family. Can you believe that her oldest son Zak comes home from his mission in a about 7 months? Time is whizzing by now.

Eric's family: Michael, Taylor, Cade, Jeannette, Eric, Jase and Danica. It's nice that Eric's family has started to grow with Taylor marrying Michael last summer. Just think, we could be calling Eric Grandpa in a few years.

And my family: Jesse, Mike, me and Brandon.

I didn't take a photo of Mom, Dad and Jodi. I should have, but by this time, my family was ready to go. We still had to stop by my step son Brandan's apartment to see him, his wife Crystal and our grandon Gunner.

I'll try & post photos tomorrow of our Easter visit with Gunner. Plus I still need to post about our weekend of taking care of Gunner. I love being a Grandma. The best part is you get to spoil them and send them home when you get tired of them.

So what did your family do for Easter?


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