Friday, March 2, 2012

Ronald Reagan Library

I'm back!!!!

I'll bet you thought I had fallen off the face of the earth.

But I haven't.

Just been lazy. I haven't felt like posting in a long time. But I thought I better get back up on the proverbial horse and take a ride.

A week ago today was my hubby Mike's birthday. He's been wanting to visit the Reagan library in Simi Valley ever since it opened. He is the hugest Ronald Reagan fan. Every year I tell him I will take him. And every year I forget. I really don't forget, we usually just don't have the money.

Well, this year I didn't forget and I had the money. So we (Mike, Brandon & I) made the 2 hour trek to Simi Valley last Saturday, for his birthday. Even though it was really the day after his birthday. In my family, we milk birthdays for as long as we can. At least for a week. Jesse didn't want to go as he isn't into politics at all. Plus Ronald Regan was before he was born (his words).

We left home around 8:45am and got into Simi Valley around 10:30 or so. We first stopped by Aunt Joni's house to see if she might want to come with us. But did I tell her in advance that we were coming to Simi?

Why the answer would be NO. Why should I? Aunt Joni had just told me in January when I saw her in Palm Desert that she never goes anywhere. She is always home. To stop by anytime.

Why would I doubt her? But home she was not.

So we found a Jack in the Box to eat a little breakfast before heading to the Reagan Library.

We got to the library around 11am.

The library was BUSY!!! Lots of people visiting. I didn't expect it to be so crowded.

The guys had fun standing at the presidential podium. Got a chance to try out the teleprompters. That is why Mike isn't looking at the camera when I took this picture.

Before we knew it, we were at the Berlin wall. I can't imagine living on one side of this wall and having my friends and family living on the other side and not being able to see them. They have an actual piece of the Berlin wall outside. This one inside is just a replica.

I think Brandon's favorite part of the library was Air Force One Pavilion. That plane is huge. I could never get the entire plane in one shot. And we never did find out how they got that huge plane in the building. Maybe they built the building around the plane?

They let you go through Air Force One. But they don't allow any photos inside. That is why they take your photo just prior to entering the plane, so they can sell it to you when you get out (see first photo on this post to see who was suckered into buying one).

This photo was taken after we exited the rear of the airplane. They let you take photos everywhere except inside Air Force One, you just can't use your flash when taking photos.

Both boys loved Air Force One.

Brandon in front of the presidential seal. Brandon took one of Mike & I, but he has it on his cell phone. So I haven't seen it.

This was President Reagan's limo from when he was shot.

Brandon standing in front of a mural that depicts all the different Air Force One airplanes there has been over the years.

The library was setting up for a dinner/event they were having that night. It was going to be for medal of honor recipients.

We were told they have lots of events in the Air Force One pavilion. Even school proms.

They had a jet engine on display. Mike is trying to show me the parts that he used to make being an Aerospace machinist back in the olden days. He machined parts for jet engines.

Here is the Marine One presidential helicopter they had on display. They don't let you go inside. They also have one at the Nixon Library in Yorba Linda that they do let you go inside. But they don't let you take photos inside that either.

Outside you can visit the grave of Ronald Reagan.

The Regan Library costs $15.00 a person, but we thought it was worth it. Parking is free. We did not pay the extra $7.00 for the guidecam. But now I wish we had. It's a cool device that looks like an Ipod with earphones. It tells you about stuff you are seeing, plus its a still and a video camera. It lets you take photos and/or video and sends them to your email. How cool is that?

They also had a special George Washington exhibit that we visited. I just didn't post any photos.

It took us about 4 hours to see everything. We really enjoyed our trip to the Reagan library. I highly recommend it.

After we were done, we drive back to Aunt Joni's house. Surely now she would be home. But NO. She was still gone. I called Mom to get her cell phone number. Tried calling Joni's cell phone but no answer.

Next I called my sister Andrea to get our cousin Emily's phone number. I had driven all the way to Simi Valley and wanted to see someone in our family. But Emily didn't answer her phone either. Drats!

Since it was now 4pm, we decided to get something to eat. We saw a taco shop down the street and decided to stop. It was pretty good food. And the prices were cheaper than the taco shop we normally go to in our town. But they were sooooooooooooooooooo slow.

By the time we were done eating, it was 4:45. I tried calling Aunt Joni one last time. And this time she answered! Halafreakingluyah. She said she was in Camarillo at a friends birthday party. She was just leaving and would take her 1/2 hour to get home. Would we wait?

I told her since I like her so much, she was worth waiting for. So we drove around Simi a bit to kill some time and then drove to Aunt Joni's house to wait.

She finally got home a half hour later and we went inside to visit. It was fun getting to visit with Aunt Joni. I think she loved having us there too since it gave her someone to talk politics with that had the same views as her. Mike and Brandon both love talking politics. We also got to see inside her cute little vintage trailer. Now I want one.

Sorry that I didn't get any photos while at Aunt Joni's. I was too busy talking to remember to take pics.

We left Aunt Joni's a little before 9pm and got home around 10:40pm. Got home a little faster than the ride to Simi. Luckily we didn't have much traffic coming or going.

Wish I could have seen the cousins, but I have no clue where anyone actually lives in Simi. Only Aunt Joni. Plus it was a Saturday and I'm sure all the cousin's kids were playing sports. So I'm sure no one was home on Saturday. Next time I guess I better tell everyone I'm coming in advance. Then maybe we could have a get together.

We really need to have a family reunion. Who's game? And where should we have it?

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