Monday, February 8, 2010

Danica's Makeup party

A week ago Saturday, I went to Eric's house to attend Danica's makeup party. Danica is a representative for Mark makeup. It is great makeup at great prices. Just right for budget minded people like me and you.

So as a representative Danica must have a makeup party every now and again. This was the first one I attended.

We started off with lunch. Now, that's my idea of a fabulous party!!!! Food!!!!

The cupcakes were soooooo yummy!!!

The sandwiches weren't too bad either.

After lunch we all gathered in the front room for a makeup demonstration.

See the photos in the middle? That is Lauren Conrad of The Hills in the middle and Miley Cyrus on the right. I forget who is on the left. Anyways, they all use Mark makeup. I should be letting Danica write this post since she knows all about the company. I didn't pay attention too much.

Danica had all these makeup samples for us to try.

Here are the magalogs. Isn't that a funny name? That is what Danica called them. They are part magazine and part catalog, you know, magalog.

Danica picking out color choices for each of us.

Here is Danica after the demonstration. I should have taken photos while she was demonstrating. But I was busy watching. She even did my eye makeup. Looked fabulous!!!

Danica and her best friend Bethany. Sorry for the blurry photo.

There was only about 6 of us there. But we had a fun time.

If any of you need some makeup. You can order online by clicking here. Takes you directly to her webstore. Right now they have free shipping on your $20.00 order. Just enter promo code MFS20. This special offer ends 2/28/10.

I am not getting any compensation for this ad. Just helping out my niece.

So go now, and buy some makeup.

P.S. I had a small super bowl party yesterday with my family, Jesse's girlfriend and Danica. But did I take any photos??? NO!!!!!!

But was happy that the Saints won. GO SAINTS!!!!!

Should have been the Chargers.

There is always next year!

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