Monday, July 12, 2010

Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!!!

This is the tale of my so called ghost adventure with my niece Danica.

Danica works in the museum at the university that she attends. Now this museum happens to be haunted. Or so I hear. On Friday Danica had to work there alone for the first time. While Danica was working alone on Friday, the fire alarm went off a few times as well as another exhibit that needs someone to walk under to set off (no one else was in the building when it kept going off). When finally someone came to the museum, their flash kept going off when it was turned off. You know, weird stuff like that.

So after work on Friday, Danica asked if I would go to work with her on Saturday as she was again suppose to work alone. She was so spooked from the day before, she didn't want to be by herself.

Now I love me a good ghost story. And I love to watch ghost stuff on TV. So the prospects of going on my own ghost adventure was too much. I had to say "YES". I wanted to be a Ghostbuster.

So Danica picked me up about 8:45am & we got to her work around 9:30am. This was my first time to this particular museum. It has the largest collection of Egyptian artifacts west of the Mississippi river (at least that is what the website said).

First thing I noticed after arriving was that the building itself makes a lot of noise. Lots of creaking, moaning, and sounds like people running across the roof. It would definitely be a scary place to be by yourself just for the noises the building & glass windows made. Even if it weren't haunted.

Next we had to turn all the lights on. A couple of the display cases in the Egyptian section have to be turned on by hand. While we were going from room to room we entered one room in the Egyptian section that felt different than the others. This room definitely had a "heavy, depressing" feeling to it. The first time we went through it pretty fast so I hardly noticed. But the 2nd time I entered & lingered longer, I could definitely feel a difference. Plus I got a headache while in that room. We called this room, the "creepy" room. This is the room that Danica hates to go in the most.

This piece was the one thing that gave me the heeby jeebies the most. It was in the "creepy" room. In fact now, I can feel it's creepiness. Can you?

One of the guys that normally works at the museum came in for a few minutes to pick something up. He is the one who told me that the museum is haunted. He said they have a tape that shows some stuff. Danica says she has seen the tape. This guy said he had opened up a display once in the "creepy" room & took a mask off it's perch & sat it on the bottom of the display case. He walked into the next room & heard a crash behind him. When he turned around the mask was on the floor. No one else was in the room. And the mask had not be placed on the edge, there was no way it could have just fallen. Since they video tape all the rooms, they played back the video tape & it shows the mask turn over & fall on the floor. But no one touched the mask.

Plus there is this small figurine that is only about 1 inch tall & quite heavy. I was told it has turned over on quite a few occasions by itself. They have that on tape as well. But the tape was locked away so I didn't get to see it for myself. But Danica says she has seen the tape.

Can you now see why Danica is a bit spooked to work by herself? I know I would be.

This sarcophagus was one of my favorite items from the Egyptian collection.

As well as these Shabti figures. I loved the blue color.

Half of the museum is the Egyptian collection. The rooms are completely dark except for the display cases. So I think the darkness adds to the spooky feeling of the museum.

In the other half of the museum right now is an art collection by students. There was some weird stuff in here (art pieces, not ghostly stuff). They say that art is subjective. And boy are they right. Most of this stuff I probably wouldn't call art. A lot of it was pretty sexual so I won't show you photos.

The coolest thing was a metal walkway that looked like a metal detector. On the top was a pane of glass that looked like it was broken. When you walked through the detector & under the glass it would make a sound like the glass was breaking & falling on you. It was pretty cool. I have a video of it, but can't seem to get it to upload.

We had quite a few people visit the museum on Saturday. Nothing weird happened while I was there. I was a little disappointed. The ghosts didn't come out to play. I really don't know if I'm glad or sad about that. I sort of want to have a ghost experience. But I know it would scare the crap out of me if it really did happen.

Danica was very happy that I came to keep her company & that nothing weird happened. I don't think she could have taken a 2nd day of weird stuff.

Here is Danica sitting at the front desk at the museum. Is that a ghost in the picture behind her? No, it's just the reflection of me taking the photo. Darn it! I wanted a photo of a ghost.

As payment for going to work with Danica. She took me to dinner to P.F. Chang's China Bistro.

It was my first time eating there. It was pretty good.

Here is Danica as we wait for our food.

And here is me.
We ordered egg rolls & crab wontons for our appetizers. We got there the last 5 minutes of happy hour. So we got $2.00 off each of our appetizers.

For our entrees we picked Sweet & Sour Chicken as well as Lemon Chicken. The Lemon Chicken came with broccoli. I love broccoli!!! Got the brown rice instead of the white rice. Dinner was pretty yummy. I would definitely go back (as long as someone else is paying since I can't afford to go on my own money).

This was my fortune. I think it was wrong as I didn't get to see a ghost. So the day was neither lucky or memorable. I should have had Danica's fortune. It said something about going on a fabulous vacation. She already had hers a few weeks back. I'm the one in need of a fabulous vacation.

I just can't seem to win.

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