Thursday, August 5, 2010

Utah Vacation Wednesday

Wednesday was Todd & Mari's day off of work. Plus Todd's youngest daughter Erin was coming over for the day. We decided that we would celebrate Erin's 12th birthday which was on 7/30.

We also invited Todd's other daughter Daniella but she decided not to come. I think she felt a little uncomfortable as she didn't really know Andrea and me. But Erin didn't either, but she came over.

We originally were going to go to slide rock for the day. But the weather had other ideas. So we decided to go swimming instead. Our choices were Scera pool in Orem, or an indoor pool in Lehi. Since the weather looked bad, we opted for the indoor pool. Plus it was closer.

Todd & Andrea soaking in the hot tub.

Erin waiting for the big bucket to fill with water & pour down on everyone. Sorry that the pic is a little fuzzy. It seems all the photos I took of the girls at the pool came out this way.

Julianna, Erin & Mari after getting out of the pool. Only Mari was looking when I took the photo.

Andrea & Todd as we were getting to leave the pool. See the doors behind them. When we first arrived they had this end of the pool area open. There is a deck area where you can lay out. But once the rain started, they closed up the pool.

There is actually 3 pools here. This section of the biggest pool is only about 1 ft deep. It has this huge play area for the kids that shoots out water everywhere. The big bucket on top fills with water every few minutes & then tips over & pours the water out all over everyone underneath. The kids really enjoyed this. To the right there is a section of pool that is about 2 ft deep for kids to play in & goof around. Then there is a separate pool for babies with lots of fun areas to play, and a separate deeper pool where people can swim laps & play water basketball. Not to mention a water slide. I didn't take photos of these areas. Sorry.

It was raining cats & dogs while we were at the pool. The roads were flooding as we were leaving. This is one of the intersections in Lehi where we were.

After we got back to Todd's house we celebrated Erin's birthday. But first we ate dinner. Todd made a cream cheese chicken & rice meal that was so yummy. Afterwards it was time for cake.

Julianna made a chocolate cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting.

Erin was so excited that we were celebrating her birthday.

Here is Erin getting ready to cut the cake. She was trying to look like a killer. But she couldn't quit smiling & laughing. I guess she wouldn't make a very good killer.

Julianna actually ended up cutting the cake. Todd dished up the ice cream.

After cake & ice cream it was time to open presents. Andrea made Erin a bunch of flowers hair barrettes and a flower head band. Julianna put all of them on Erin at the same time. Luckily Erin was a good sport.

Here is Erin reading the birthday card from Mari & Julianna.

Oops! I guess we had cake & ice cream after opening the gifts. But now I am too lazy to switch around the pictures.
Mari & Julianna.
Besides celebrating Erin's birthday, the weather also took center stage yesterday. It was stormy almost all day.

The wind blew all day. And we got quite a bit of thunder, lightening and rain.

The girls had a great time playing out in the street while it was raining. They danced, sang songs & generally had a fun time.

They played out in the rain for about 1/2 hour. Even Mari's dog Emma played with them.

Todd & Andrea watching the incoming storm.

Mari, Erin & Julianna soaking wet after their romp in the rain.

The sky right before dark. The storms kept coming in all day & half of the night. But Andrea and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Here are some videos of our day.

Mari, Julianna & Erin getting wet at the pool.

The storm coming in at Todd's house. This is the tree in his front yard. The neighborhood kids love to climb this tree.

All of us singing "Happy Birthday" to Todd's daughter Erin

Mari, Julianna & Erin playing in the rain.

Overall it was a great day. It was a real treat getting to see Erin. She seemed to have a great time too.

Time is going so quickly here. We only have a few days left. Boo hoo.


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