Monday, August 2, 2010

This is the place

Andrea and I are in Utah for the week on vacation. Two of Andrea's boys (Nate & Simon) are going to EFY (especially for youth) at BYU this week.

The boys have been with Andrea's husband Jamey on a skateboard tour for the past 3 weeks back east. So the two boys flew from Houston TX to SLC on Saturday night. Andrea and I had to pick them up from the SLC airport at 6pm on Saturday.

That meant that we (Andrea & I) had to drive the trip to Utah in 1 shot. Our original plans were for Andrea to drive up to my house after work on Friday night. But Jamey (her husband) decided that he really wanted to see her before she left. Remember that he had been away for about a month. So he drove straight through from San Antonio Texas to their house in 1 shot (about a 20 hour trip). So she stayed home to see him when he arrived home in the middle of the night.

After about a 2-3 hour sleep, Andrea drove up to my house to pick me up and all my stuff. We left my house about 7:30am on Saturday. Destination, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Andrea drove from my house to Mesquite Nevada. We did stop once for gas right before Barstow (where all the outlet malls are). We got some breakfast at Jack in the Box. We stopped in Mesquite for chocolate shakes & to switch drivers. I took over driving at this point. We didn't stop again until Cedar City to get some more gas.

I wasn't looking forward to driving the whole 10 hour drive at one time, but Andrea and I had such a good time talking to each other that the time whizzed by.

We pretty much had perfect weather for most of the trip. It was cloudy for most of the drive through Utah. And in Cedar City we did think that we would hit a storm, but we only had sprinkles.

There were lots of interesting clouds on our trip. This one looks like a dolphin.

This is what it looked like for most of our Utah drive. The clouds kept the temps down. So that was nice.

Lucky for us the boys plane was about 45 minutes late. We got to the SLC airport about 6:45. They boys only had to wait for us for about 1 minute. Our timing was perfect.

After picking the boys up from the airport we ate dinner at Panda Express. After dinner we drove to Todd's house in Cedar Hills.

The boys were going to stay with us at Todd's for 2 nights as they couldn't check into EFY until Monday morning.

On Sunday we went to church with Todd's family. The nice thing about Utah is that the church is usually within walking distance. Todd's church is directly across the street from his house.

After church we fixed spaghetti for dinner. Went outside to sit on the front porch as it looked like a storm was coming in. Heard thunder & got a few raindrops. But then the storm fizzled out. Boo hoo. Here is Todd, Andrea & Nate on the front steps at Todd's house.

Me and Todd. And no, Todd didn't wear that to church. He changed clothes once we were home.

Todd & Andrea

Simon & Nate out in the street in front of Todd's house. We were waiting for Troy & Eric Prescott to arrive (cousins to Andrea's boys on their dad's side). They were also going to EFY & were going to spend the night at Todd's house Sunday night as well.

Todd's daughter Julianna. I didn't get a photo of Mari on Sunday as she was in her room when I was taking these photos.

And here is Todd's house. He had quite a houseful. But he was loving every second.

We did have a bit of trouble on Sunday night (with the Prescott boys, there is usually a little trouble). It seems the boys walked over to the church to run around on the grass. While there, they found a tennis ball & started throwing it around. It went over the fence & out into the main street & hit the windshield of a passing car.

The man in the car was a bit angry with what happened & threatened the boys. He even grabbed the youngest one (Eric Prescott) & then called the police. The police showed up & was satisfied that it was an accident. That the boys weren't intentionally throwing the ball at passing cars.

Luckily Andrea and Todd were able to intervene & double luck that the cop was a nice cop (as cops go). So nothing happened.

So that is what our first two days of vacation has been like. I will post tomorrow what we did today. All I can say is it involved haircuts, houses, horses, eating and shoes.

So stay tuned!


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