Saturday, June 4, 2011

Danielle's & Dusty's Wedding

On Thursday last week we (Mom, Dad Brandon & Jodi) drove to Salt Lake City Utah.
To attend the Wedding of Todd's daughter Daniella Langston to Dusty Scott.
We arrived on Friday and attended a pre-wedding dinner at Sizzler with Dusty's family.

Daniella & Dusty & Dusty's brother

Todd & Jullianna

Dusty's Mom & Dad

Dusty's family

Mari & Ladd (Mari's boyfriend)

Dusty & Daniella coming out of the Temple

Kim & Mike waiting

Mari, Jullianna, Cathi, Erin & Tyler
Daniella's Mom & brother & sisters

Salt Lake Temple

Daniella & Dusty in front of the Doors of the
Salt Lake City Temple

After the pictures at the temple the reception was at Daniella's Aunts house
(Cathi's sisters house) in Alpine.
I'll upload pictures later.

Sunday we (Mom, Dad & I) went to have lunch with Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Clark
at the Market Place Grill in Salt Lake.

Then we went to Todd's house and hung out with them all afternoon.
About 6pm Daniella and Dusty came over with their gifts and opened them.

Opening up Kim's present and being weird

Kim's gift

Kim's gift

Opening Mom's gift

Cool pots and pans!!!

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