Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Reception

Daniella & Dusty's wedding reception was held at Daniella's Aunt Kristin's house. And what a house.

When we first arrived it was sunny, but cold as the wind was starting to blow. This photo was actually taken on the way out, but you can see what a gorgeous house it was.

As we were walking up to the house, I tripped over the edge of the sidewalk & down I fell. Just call me Grace. Luckily nothing was hurt except for my ego.

The reception was to be held in the backyard, but the weather was turning bad real fast.

They placed all the tables as close to the house as possible. Trying to keep them all under the patio overhang.

There was a chocolate fountain. Which was great fun once the wind kicked up. Chocolate ended up getting everywhere.

It was so cold outside that everyone ended up inside. We mostly hung out downstairs in the game room/home theater. This room was fabulous. The seats for the home theater were so comfy. Mike & Brandon had front row seats. In the 2nd row we have Cathi (bride's mom) talking to Tyler's friend, with Tyler talking to his aunt from his mom's side of the family. Sorry but I don't remember her name right now.

This is their TV. It was huge. Perfect for watching a movie. The fireplace was pretty fab as well. It was a gas fire & made the room nice & toasty. Julianna was goofing off a bit in this photo.

I was so enamored with this house that I mostly took photos of the house & not of the family.

The basement had a basketball court of all things. Doesn't everyone have a basketball court in their basement?

And they keep their pool heated to 85 degrees. When it started raining later, steam was rising up from the pool.

And because it was so cold outside, the favorite place to hang out was the outdoor fireplace. And I have no idea who these people are. But I'm sure Daniella and Dusty do.

Finally the bride and groom arrived. Daniella looks so happy.

This little girl was so happy to see Daniella. But she forgot she had chocolate on her hands. So chocolate got on Daniella's dress. But Dusty was so cute. He made sure that someone helped get the chocolate off. So all was well.

The cake was originally outside. And it didn't have these flowers on it when we first arrived. It seems the flowers that were on the cake when I first saw it were all wilted. They wilted from being in the fridge or freezer. So Dusty came to the rescue again. He took apart one of the bridesmaid's bouquets and placed the fresh flowers on the cake. Another tragedy averted.

Everyone gathered in the kitchen for the cake cutting. I did take a video, but the photographer was in the way the whole time so it's not worth posting as you can't see a thing.

Then I took a video of Daniella & Dusty feeding each other the cake, but for some reason my camera didn't focus. Another video that was a dud.

But I did get this photo of Dusty's toast. Too bad I took the photo when the glass was in front of his face.

Here is the view from the living room area looking into the kitchen. And by the way, I'm in love with this black buffet. I need it in my house.

Isn't this the best photo? It was taken the night that Dusty proposed to Daniella. He set up the camera & put it on a timer. That way they still had a very private intimate moment, but had it documented forever as well. I love how they are in silhouette.

When the reception first started everyone was downstairs here in the game room. But once the cake was to be cut, everyone moved upstairs so I was able to get a better photo of the gameroom. And I have no idea who these kids are either.

And have you noticed that I haven't really taken any photos of family members? I told you I was more interested in taking photos of the house. I need a house like this.

I never did get any photos of Mom, Dad, Jodi or Todd. Mom, Dad & Jodi ended up leaving early as the weather had turned really bad. The wind was howling and the rain poured down.

Here are a couple of videos that did turn out of Daniella throwing the bouquet and Dusty throwing the garter.

A little story about the throwing of the bouquet. Todd's oldest daughter Mari really wanted to catch the bouquet in the worst way. But she started out at the very back of the pack of girls. Mike saw her & knew because she was short that she didn't have a chance in catching the bouquet. So he grabbed her & moved her to the front. And lucky for Mari that he moved her as she was able to catch the bouquet. Mari was one happy girl after that.

Well that is the end of Daniella & Dusty's wedding and reception. Tomorrow I'll share what we did on the rest of our little vacation.


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