Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year

I wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year. What did you all do for New Years? On New Years eve, Mike, Jesse & I went to the movies to see "I Am Legend" with Will Smith. It was a great movie. I jumped and screamed a few times during the movie. Brandon doesn't like going to the movies so he stayed home.

This is the first movie that Mike & I have actually seen in about 5 years. We tried going to the movies last winter, but once we were in the movie theatre they had a riot in the mall that spilled over into the movie theatre so they evacuated everyone. When we got outside there were cops everywhere & a helicopter. The cops had machine guns. It was kind of scary as we didn't know what was going on or if we'd be OK. We did laugh about it later as we never did get to see the movie.

Anyways, back to New Years Eve, we got home about 10pm & watched TV until midnight. We then toasted with Martinelli's (apple/grape is the best!!!), went outside to hear all the neighbors yelling "Happy New Year" and some lighting fire crackers.

On New Years Day we had Eric's family & Andrea's 4 boys over for tacos. We had a great time. I made 50 tacos & only had 4 left over. We had a total of 14 people for dinner. Eric & Jeannette brought brownies & ice cream for dessert. I love when Eric brings ice cream as he almost always brings Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. I love it!!! My family doesn't really like it so I never buy it. I only get to have it when Eric brings it or we go to Eric's house and have it for dessert.

Eric & Jeannette have Andrea's 4 boys for about 4 days. Jeannette always invites them to stay a few days over Christmas vacation. So it is always nice to get to see them. Since we live more than an hour away from them, we don't get to see them that often.

The weather was nice, about 70 degrees. We didn't get any of the high winds at my house as we have mountains directly to the East of us so they block the wind. When the Santa Ana's come from the north east, then we get the high winds. But this time, we didn't get the winds. But about 5 miles north of us, they did. We are a little more protected where we live.

Tomorrow it is suppose to start raining & rain for 5 days. We will believe it when we see it. It seems every time the weather people say we are going to get a lot of rain, we hardly get anything. When we do get rain, usually nothing has been forecasted. So I have a hard time believing all this global warming crap when they can't even forecast the weather correctly for this next day.

So much for my political views. I hope everyone had a good "New Years" and that this coming year finds everyone in good health and happy. If not, let us know, we love good gossip.


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