Wednesday, January 9, 2008

January Blues

I don't know about you, but I get the January blues. Christmas is over, boo hoo. All the lights & decorations are coming down & it seems so dark and depressing when I come home from work.

Probably the biggest reason for the blues is being sick. Seems I always get sick around this time of year. I'm just getting over some sort of stomach bug. Everyone in my family had it. Took us about a week to get back to feeling somewhat normal.

Eric's family had it too. In fact, I think we got sick from Eric's family. We all spent New Years together & Jeannette was just getting over a stomach bug. A few days later, Jesse & Mike got sick, then me & finally Brandon. I was never so happier that we have 2 bathrooms. Even then, sometimes there was a line. I called Eric & he said that Cade, him & Taylor had all gotten sick too. Poor Cade, he was sick on his birthday. So far Jase & Danica are still well.

I just spoke to Andrea & no one in her family has come down with the sickness & her boys had been staying at Eric's house when all the sickness started.

I need a vacation!!!!!! But alas, no money to go anywhere.

I think I am doubly blue as this is the year I turn the Big 5 0!!!! I can't believe I am that old. Grandmas are that old. Oh yeah, I am a Grandma. But I don't feel almost 50. I still feel like I'm 25, OK maybe 35, but my body tells me another story. I also think that I am still thin, but my body tells me that is a lie as well. I'm always bumping into things because in my brain I am still thin & can fit through certain places when in reality I can't. Getting old can be a PAIN!!!! And I mean literally.

Did I say that I need a vacation? We were suppose to go back to Europe this year or to Australia. But alas, since we now own a home, we can't afford to go anywhere except maybe to Vegas. But I love Vegas. The hotels are nice, the food is good & plentiful & I even know where to find some deals. My pleasures in life all seem to involve food. Maybe that is why I am no longer thin. I need to go on a diet or at least eat less. But I love to eat.

I am just rambling now. I am at work & don't really want to be here, so that is why I am writing. I wish I was anywhere but here at work.

Hopefully someone else will write in this blog besides me. Does anyone else get the January blues? Let us know.

Bye for now,

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