Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Girl's Day in Old Town Temecula

A few weeks back I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to have a girls day out. Since I am the only girl in my family & I didn't want to have a girls day out by myself, I invited Jeannette, Danica & Taylor to come along. All the boys in their family were at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, and the boys in my family could entertain themselves, so it was the perfect time.

We always love to go to Old Town Temecula to do some shopping. It's the perfect place for a girls day out. So I met up with Jeannette, Danica & Taylor down in Old Town in the afternoon. What we didn't know was that they were having a street painting festival in Old Town Temecula. It was quite fun. I posted about it on my other blog Starshine Chic, you can read all about it by clicking here.

If you have never been to Old Town Temecula you must go. It has lots of antique shops, specialty shops, wine tasting, olive oil tasting and places to eat. They are in the process of rebuilding Old Town with new buildings made to look old. They have still kept a lot of the old buildings, but have decided to build bigger & better buildings. I'm sure it will be good when it is done, but I will miss all the old original buildings.

On one of the side streets there is a garden shop. It is quite pricey here, but fun to look at all the fountains, statuary & yard knick knacks. Here is Taylor & Danica enjoying one of the busts and fountains.

Danica loved this bust!

We visited most of the stores around town. They have a new spice shop that was quite fun as well as a new market. And of course we had to visit the little specialty shops and antique stores.

My favorite antique/gift shop is Serendipity. Not only is it an antique/gift store, but out back they have a garden area as well. Here is Jeannette, Danica & Taylor enjoying the garden area.
I loved this plant. I am totally going to make me one. I have an old grape vine wreath that is big & loose like this. So it should be easy peasy to make my own topiary. Doesn't it make a great frame for taking a photo of Jeannette & Taylor? I guess I should have waited till they were centered before taking the photo.

Inside the Serendipity store they had this sign. Taylor loved it!!! She wanted to buy a Taylor Linens blouse, but a little pricey for her pocketbook (or should I say her mama's pocketbook). Danica is dreaming of getting married & having a baby. Someone needs to marry this girl!!!! She is beautiful, talented & smart. What's the problem? Are you too picky Danica? Just kidding with you. You are definitely a catch. Someday your prince will come.
There are a lot of wine tasting & olive oil tasting stores opening up. Since we don't drink wine, we opted to taste test the olive oil. Now at this new place (forgot the name but it's directly across the street from Serendipity), they give you little pieces of bread to taste the oils & vinegars. Much better than just drinking the stuff (like some of the others in town). Lots of yummy flavors to try. Jeannette bought a bottle of some kind of flavored olive oil.

Since this place was also a wine tasting joint, you had to be 21 or older to go in. Since Taylor is only 18, she stayed outside. Even though they told her she could come in as we were just going to be in the olive oil tasting area. She still said no. They gave each one of us a deviled egg tray & put a different kind of olive oil in each one. Sometimes they added flavored vinegars as well. It was quite tasty & quite fun. Here is a photo of Jeannette & Danica enjoying the olive oil tasting.
And here is Taylor patiently waiting out front. Luckily she had her phone so she could chit chat with friends while waiting.
And finally here is a photo of me. This was actually taken the next day when I went back to Old Town Temecula with the my family. They wanted to see the street painting festival as well. And of course I had to do some more shopping.
If you want more information on Old Town Temecula you can click here or here. And if you decide to go & need someone to hang out with, just give me a jingle. I would love to go.

If you want to see more of our day in Old Town Temecula & see some more of the shops we visited, hop on over to my other blog Starshine Chic. I'm going to put the photos without family members there.


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