Sunday, November 8, 2009

BBQ at Eric's House

Last night we went over to Eric & Jeannette's house for a BBQ. Three of Andrea's boys were at Eric's house for the weekend. So they invited my family over for dinner so we could see the boys as well.

Here is Eric BBQing the hamburgers. He really needs a light outside to cook. He forgot that it now gets dark at 5pm, so he had to cook in the dark. This didn't turn out so great. As the first time he brought the burgers in, they were still raw. So he had to recook them.

Brandon was helping Danica load Rosetta Stone program on her laptop. She needs to learn about 4 different languages for her college degree. She's hoping this program will help her. Brandon decided to stick out his tongue for this photo.
Jase was watching a movie in the living room while dinner was being made.
Danica, Brandon & Mike waiting for dinner.
Zak, Cade, Nate, Grayson (Andrea's boys friend) and Jase (front). Getting ready to bless the food.
Taylor poses for a profile photo for me. I took profile photos of each kid. I'm going to use their profiles for a project I'm working on.
The kids eating dinner. Simon & Nate could almost be twins because of their haircuts.
I didn't get Jesse in on the last photo. He was sitting on the corner & I missed him in the other shot.
I thought I took a lot more photos than I actually did. A few didn't turn out as I hate to use my flash & some were just too blurry. I tried to get a photo of Eric's new dog Luke (pug/chihuahua mix) but he wouldn't hold still long enough for a photo.

Zak's girlfriend stopped by for a little while. I forgot her name already & I forgot to take a photo of her. She had been in Beaumont for the weekend visiting a friend. That is the real reason Andrea's boys were at Eric's house.

Noah didn't come with them so he was the only one we didn't see. They traded Noah out for their friend Grayson instead. Maybe next time Noah.

For some reason I didn't get a photo of Jeannette either. And I didn't take a self portrait of me so you can't see my dark hair. I now have dark auburn colored hair. But it looks more brown than red. Maybe I'll take a self photo & post later.

We had a good time getting to see Eric's family & most of Andrea's boys. I brought brownie bites & ice cream for dessert. I wish we lived closer to Andrea's family so we could see them more often. So it was a nice treat getting to visit with my nephews for at least a little while. And It's always nice getting to see Eric's family.

Thanks Eric and Jeannette for inviting us over for dinner. We had a nice visit. The food was good and the company was even better.


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