Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Homeless in El Cajon (Not Quite)

Wanted: Home for homeless family (3 Adults) Just joking

Why? Termites have taken over our Home

When? Since yesterday (Tuesday Nov. 3rd)

How Long? Just until Friday (Thank goodness)

We found out last week that we had to get our home inspected for Termites. We had 2 different companies come out and give us estimates. The first (Large company) came out and their estimate was over $7000.00 yes that's right. So we called another company and they came out last Friday and their estimate was $2400.00 so much better. So we went with the 2nd company.

Needless to say they told us that they would be coming out on Tuesday to fix the damaged wood and that they would tent the house on Wednesday, (Today) and we would have to be out of the house from Tuesday thru Friday at 2:00pm.

So last weekend we spent the entire weekend bagging food, moving parts of one of the decks in the back yard and taking apart one of the gazebo on Friday. It was a long weekend. We ended up taking alot of food to the hotel with us.

We went over to the house this morning (Mom & Dad) I was at work. They told us they would be out at 10:00 am and when Mom and Dad went over at 11:30 the house was already tented and gas. We went by this evening and took some pictures:

House Tented

Right side of house tented (Large Tree in Side Yard)

Warning Sign on House

Left side of House

It looks like the house is covered in a large Diaper!!!! Ha Ha Ha!!!!

We are staying at a Best Western in El Cajon. It's not toooo bad.
Can't wait till Friday!!!!

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Kim @ Starshine Chic said...

That's some big diaper!!! Thanks for the pics Jodi