Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The burning bush

Had a little excitement at our house this evening. And I missed it all.

Brandon & I were driving home from work when I got a phone call from Mike. He said "I have some good news, some really good news and some bad news. Which one do you want to hear first?" I said "the good news". He said "the good news is that ugly pampas grass bush that I hate is no more. The really good news is we still have a house. And the bad news is there was a little fire".

When we got home, this is what we found. It seems someone set the pampas grass on fire, which then set the fence on fire. What we don't know is, who it was, or if it was on purpose.

This is what pampas grass is suppose to look like (ours looked like this but way bigger).

This is what it looks like now. And did you see our fence? It's going to need replacing.

Lucky for us, the neighbor across the street on this side just got home from work & saw the bush on fire. He alerted Mike. Luckily Mike was home. Normally he wouldn't be, but today he was. Mike used the garden hose from the back yard to try & put the fire out.

The fire started to burn through to the back side of the fence. Mike said there was a lot of smoke.

A lot of the neighbors came running to help, but only the hose from the back yard would reach. The neighbors were throwing buckets of water onto the burning bush.

The fire department came & finished putting out the fire. I hated that I missed seeing the sexy firemen.

Mike did inhale a lot of smoke. Took him to the doctor, but he will be fine. Doctor gave him an inhaler of some sort. Maybe I should get him a fireman's hat as an award for saving our house. He is my hero. My own personal sexy fireman.
Smells like a bonfire at the beach at our house. Too bad I don't see the ocean when I look out through the big hole in the fence. Hopefully the house will air out soon.

I'm just so thankful that Mike was home at the time of the fire. If not, our house probably would have burnt down. The fire was traveling down the fence towards our house by the time Mike started putting it out. And the pepper tree had started to burn as well.

I'm so thankful for our neighbors who alerted Mike and called the fire department.

Just wish that Brandon & I were here to see it all. Then I could have had some real cool photos for the blog.

Now if only I hadn't just raised our homeowners deductible from $500 to $1000. Ouch! You live and learn.

Too bad the ugly agave plants didn't burn. I guess I shouldn't be greedy.


Langston Family said...

Wow, good thing Mike was home... Sucks that some Idiot lit the bush on fire, probably some one threw a lit cigarrette or something. Glad you guys are okay.

Prescott family said...

Scary!!! Your poor fence. I hope it was an accident! If your old neighbors still lived by you I would wonder! Glad Mike was there to save the day!