Saturday, December 11, 2010

Another Arizona Vacation

Got back yesterday from another yearly vacation in Arizona. This is the first year we have gone in December. We usually go in August (call us gluten's for punishment). December is the perfect time of year to visit Arizona.

This year we went to Scottsdale instead of Cave Creek. We again went with Mom, Dad & Jodi. This is our Christmas gift from them. Jesse decided to stay home this year.

It was almost the perfect vacation. The weather was perfect and we shopped, ate, shopped and shopped and ate some more.

Brandon and Dad stayed at the condo most of the week. Mom and Jodi mostly shopped at Walmart, Target and Kohl's.

I really didn't take many photos with family members. But I did get a few photos. Here is Brandon & Jodi watching TV.

Mike and I spent the week shopping at thrift stores and antique stores. We did eat lunch one day at the Cheesecake Factory. Only because I had won a gift card at an insurance class awhile back. It came in handy while on vacation.

On Thursday night we all went to the Mesa temple to see the lights. It was quite beautiful.

Mike and I stayed longer than the rest of the group. We caught the tail end of a musical concert. And then spent time just walking around the temple grounds taking in all the lights.

We then went inside the visitor center where they had different nativities from around the world on display.

After leaving the temple we drove around to check out the Christmas lights around Phoenix. We found this one house that had sooooooo many lights and displays. The guy there said it takes 4 people 2 months to set up all the lights and displays.

There was just sooo much to see and take in. It was sensory overload. I should have asked the man what his electric bill was like.

I did take a few photos the morning we were packing up to leave. Here is Jodi putting ice in one of their coolers for the long trek home.

Brandon and Dad waiting for the "round em up and head them out" signal.

Mom waiting inside while the truck is packed up.

And finally when it was time to leave. The perfect vacation came to a screeching halt. Dad's truck had a flat tire. But don't worry, AAA came to the rescue and changed the tire.

And everyone made it home safe and sound.


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