Monday, November 29, 2010

GivingThanks for Family

What did you do for Thanksgiving?

For me and my family. We went to Eric & Jeannette's house. To spend time with....

And to.....
for what we are most thankful for. Which by the way is family. Next to that, I would have to put eating turkey and all the trimmings.

There were 17 of us for dinner. So we needed 3 tables. I only took a photo of this one table. And yes, we used my turkey plates. It's not Thanksgiving without the turkey plates. At least for our family.

Whenever food is involved, you will find everyone gathered in the kitchen. Here is Mom, Mike & Jesse.

This is the newest member of the family. Her name is Tonks. She is actually Taylor & Michael's new puppy. Taylor & Michael had gone to San Clemente to celebrate Thanksgiving with some of Michael's family. So Eric's family was babysitting Tonks. She is such a cutie pie. Everyone fell in love with her. Except for her biting. But Jamey took care of that. He just bit her back. It seemed to work, for at least a little while.

Here is Danica, Mom, Jesse & Andrea eating the snacks that we had while dinner was cooking.

Brandon & his Pepsi.

I should have taken photos of the food. It was very good. The turkey was so moist. Jeannette brined the turkey the night before. I made green bean casserole & our family Thanksgiving jello salad.

Before everyone left, we took some family photos.

This was Andrea's family "most normal" photo. I'll post the other ones on facebook. I took like 4 or 5 and this was the "most normal" shot of them all. Andrea's family doesn't do "normal". From left to right is: Simon, Nate, Andrea, Jamey with Noah in the front. Zak is on a mission in Michigan. But I hear that the ward members there, hooked him up with food.

Danica loves her brother Cade.

We had to get a photo of the pets as they are part of Eric's family. Jase is holding Tonks, Cade is holding Jack and Danica is holding Luke.

Eric's family minus Taylor & her hubby Michael. From left to right: Jase, Cade, Eric, Danica with Jeannette in the front.

And my family minus my stepson Brandan his wife Crystal and our grandson Gunner. From left to right: Brandon, Kim (me), Mike, Jesse.

And last but not least, Jodi, Mom and Dad.

We sure missed not having Todd's family with us as well. But we did talk to Todd on speaker phone for a few minutes after dinner. So it was almost like he was there. NOT!

It was so nice to get together with family to celebrate Thanksgiving. The food was great and the company was better. It took me a long time to make up my mind which of the two was better. It was a hard choice, but in the end, family wins.

I loved having Thanksgiving at Eric & Jeannette's house. I didn't have to clean my house, I didn't have to cook (only a little) and I didn't have to clean up. But the down side of not hosting Thanksgiving is, NO LEFTOVERS! Boo hoo.

What did you do for Thanksgiving? And do you like white meat or dark meat better? I like the white meat. Yum!

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Live Long and Blogger. said...

Wow, your Thanksgiving looked pretty awesome!
Your house looks so stylish, and your dog is soo cute! :P

It's always nice to see a family together at this time of year, and one of my biggest regrets is never being close to my parents.