Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Top of the morning to you. And a Happy St Paddy's day one and all.

How is your St Paddy's Day going so far? Are you feeling lucky?

I am. Maybe that's a sign that I'll win the Mega Millions Jackpot on Friday. Wouldn't that be nice? What would you do if you won millions of dollars?

I would take a trip around the world for about a year. One of the places I would love to visit is Ireland. Have you been to Ireland?

Maybe I could find me a leprechaun.

Or two or three.

And find some real shamrocks. And maybe a pot of gold.

Well a girl can dream. Can't I? At least I know I won't be pinched today.

As I am wearing green. And so is my family room.

Lot's of green going on there. If you missed any of it. Well then, you missed it. Just kidding. You can find it here, here, here & here.

That would be on my other blog, you know, my decorating blog, Starshine Chic. That is my shameless plug.

Happy St Patrick's Day! And wish me luck in finding a pot of gold. I could use one.

And if I win one, or find one, I might even be willing to share. So then, you might be lucky as well. Wish us luck!

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