Thursday, March 10, 2011

How to catch a Gopher?

So, we have been having a Gopher problem in our front yard grass and grass in the parkway. He has been borrowing his way from one grass to the other and has been making a mess. Dad decided to get him to come out by putting the hose down one of his holes and make him come out through one of the other holes. While he was putting the hose in the main grass he said he say something pop up in one of the holes on the parkway grass. He realized it was the Gopher and took the spade shovel (small shovel) and flick the Gopher in the Street. He (the Gopher) was a little startled and before he could realize what was happening Dad hit the Gopher with the Shovel and KILLED it. We are now Gopher Free!!!! Yeah!!!

Here are some pictures Mom took. (I was at work).

Dad Putting water down the hole. Check out the box he thinks he's going to catch it in. HA HA!!

Here is the Gopher (Mom said he wasn't quite dead yet)

Here is Dad after he got rid of the Gopher
He's hot and tired.

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