Tuesday, March 29, 2011

We have an Eagle Scout in the family!

A few weeks back we were lucky enough to attend Cade's Eagle Scout Court of Honor. And I am finally getting around to posting about it.

I wish there was a pill I could take to not make me procrastinate or be too lazy. Anyhoo, the court of honor was for Cade and his buddy Brandon. The ceremony took place at their ward church building in the chapel. So no photos of the actual ceremony.

I did find out that Taylor's hubby is also an eagle scout as they call all Eagle Scouts to come up to the eagle's nest. So I guess we now have 2 Eagle Scouts in our family.

After the court of honor, we then went into the cultural hall for dessert and a slide show.

Cade with his parents (Eric & Jeannette).

Cade with Grandpa Carlos & Grandma Dorothy

Cade with Grandma Carol & Grandpa Carl (Jeannette's mom & stepdad).

Grandpa Carlos and Brandon.

Mike and I. Sounds like a candy.

The other Eagle Scout's mom had put together a slide show that they played right after the ceremony in the cultural hall. Here is Mike setting up the projector and sound system prior to the court of honor, for the slide show. I wish I had a copy of the slide show or I would share it with you.

Brandon and Jesus, I mean Jase. We always kid Jase that he is trying to look like Jesus. Get a hair cut dude!

The decorations were pretty much patriotic.

For dessert we had cupcakes and cookies.

Different ward members contributed the desserts.

Each table had this centerpiece. Except each flag had a different patriotic saying.

Taylor, Michael and Danica. You can sort of see mom (Grandma) and dad (Grandpa) as well.

Everyone was busy visiting and eating.

Jodi, Eric, Laura (Jeannette's sister) and Carol (Jeannette's mom).

Carol, Carl and Brandon.

Taylor and Cade.

Taylor and her Eagle Scout hubby Michael.

Andrea's family didn't make it up. We missed you guys! And of course, Todd couldn't come down from Utah. Had some excuse like it was too far or cost too much money for gas. Whatever! Just kidding, I don't think he even knew about it.

It was a nice ceremony and we are all so proud of Cade for reaching such a milestone in his life. And the slideshow his friends mom made was pretty funny as well. It showed both Cade and Brandon (the other Eagle scout, not my Brandon) growing up as well as photos from each of their Eagle projects.

Cade's Eagle project was painting a building at the hospital where Jeannette works.

Congrats Cade on becoming an Eagle Scout.

Aunt Kim

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