Sunday, July 13, 2008

2008 OC Fair

Yesterday we went to the OC (Orange County) Fair in Costa Mesa, CA. This was the first time my family had attended this particular fair. Besides the fair, this weekend there was also the Maloof Money Cup Skateboard Championship.

Andrea's husband Jamey was in charge of the VIP lounge at the event. The VIP lounge was sponsored by Skullcandy & Etnies. Jamey works for both companies. Andrea & 3 of her friends were the babes in charge of taking care of feeding the VIP's. Yesterday they had BBQ Pit (YUM YUM) for lunch & dinner. BBQ Pit has the best ribs, ham & beef and of course their BBQ sauce is to die for. They also had beans, chips, fruit & snacks. The drinks were provided by Monster & Vitamin water. Also Carl's Jr had a truck that served burgers, fries & sodas at the lounge as well.

We had such a blast at the event & at the fair. Thanks Jamey for inviting us to go. I've never been to the fair where I didn't spend one cent. We managed to get in free (thanks to Mike's smooth talking). Jamey was going to get us in the fair for free but we ended up at the wrong gate & Mike explained to a fair worker & they let us in. And then we had all the free food & drinks we wanted at Jamey's VIP lounge.

Jesse hung out with Andrea's boys all day helping with the various events going on (they were not in any of the comps). They all had fun riding on the rides. So the kids spent money, but not me. Jesse's cell phone broke on 1 of the rides. Luckily it is the only phone we have insurance on. So I'll let you know later how our experience with Sprint ends up being on getting a replacement phone.

Besides, hanging out at the skateboard comp & VIP lounge, Mike & I went around the fair checking everything out. Mike bought some kind of pully/hook system. And I bought "Zippo, nothing, nada". Hard to believe isn't it? Kim not buying a thing? Must be the end of the world.

This fair is smaller than the Del Mar (or what is now called the San Diego) Fair, and bigger than the So Cal Fair here in Perris which is about 10 miles from us. The OC Fair was just the right size.

In the evening Mike & I, Jesse, Zak, Nate, Simon, Noah, and some of Andrea's boys friends went to see the hypnotist show. Now we had seen this particular hypnotist quite a bit when we used to go to the Del Mar Fair in San Diego. So we told Andrea's boys & friends that they should go & try to get on stage.

We met some people while waiting for the show to start who knew the hypnotist, so they introduced Simon, Noah & Marcus (Zak's best friend who lives with Andrea's family right now) to Mark the hypnotist. So when the show started, he picked all 3 of them to come up on stage & try to be hypnotized. Only Marcus was successful in being hypnotized.

It was quite a funny show. Marcus was told that every time the hypnotist rubbed his forehead, Marcus would think that a big rat was running across the stage in front of him. The video is Marcus being told about the rat & his response (he is the farthest person on the right who keeps getting out of his chair). After a few minutes of this Marcus got quite scared & ran off the stage & never came back (I didn't get this part on video). It was quite funny. The boys went looking for him & couldn't find him.

After the hypnotist show was over, we went back to VIP lounge & found Marcus. He kept insisting that he wasn't hypnotized & wasn't scared. He said he was faking & played along and got tired of it so he left. He said everyone was faking it. But if you watch the video, you can tell no one is faking. If they were, someone performing would be laughing & none of them were. All of us that attended the show were convinced that Marcus was indeed hypnotized & not faking. Sorry that the video is shaky in parts, but I was laughing so hard that I couldn't hold my hand still while filming. That is why I only filmed for a couple of minutes with my camera.

Nate brought Marcus back to the 2nd hypnotist show later in the evening & I think after watching the 2nd show for himself he could tell, no one is faking. The 2nd show wasn't as funny as the first show (probably because we didn't know anyone in the 2nd show). But both shows were quite fun to watch.

We didn't leave the fair until after 11pm & didn't get back home until almost 1am. The fair is only about 1 1/2 hours away but they closed the 91 freeway for bridge work so we got stuck in traffic. You'd think they would warn you about a freeway closure at least 10 miles in advance so you could take an alternate route, but no, they put up signs only a couple of exits prior to the closed freeway & by then it is too late, you are stuck in traffic.

All in all, we had a blast & would love to attend this fair again next year. Andrea's family is at the fair for about 3-5 days because of the skateboard event. I'm sure Andrea will post about their experiences & post photos as well.


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