Sunday, July 27, 2008

Busy Summer...

As many of you already know a few weeks ago my family, friends & I spent the weekend in Orange County at the OC Fair. It was fun & exhausting all at the same time. But what you don't know is I went straight to the Orange County Fair from girls camp. Luckily for me this year we had cabins & weren't too far from home (only about an hour and half). Although it was pretty hot & between that, staying up WAY too late & getting up early to go walking with the leaders I didn't get much sleep so I started my weekend already tired.
Camp was fun & I love being in the Stake YW Presidency. We really didn't have to do too much as our camp leader was super organized & had most everything already taken care of. The other ladies in the presidency are great & we had a fun time getting to know each other a little better. The girls were fantastic & I am happy to say we didn't have any cat fights or drama at camp (unbelievable!). Since I have all sons it is strange to hang out with girls for a whole week - but it is fun to get to know each one of them!

I didn't take any pictures at camp but I do have a few more from the Maloof Money Cup at the Orange County Fair... enjoy! Here are a few of Noah & Simon riding the vert ramp that one of the contests were on..

Here is one of my girl friends with Sean White (you know the olympic gold medalist, for snowboarding - well he skateboards too)

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