Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Family matters

Yes, family matters does have a double meaning for this post. I've been so busy posting for the rest of the blogging world that I have neglected my family matters. And we know that family matters a lot to me. So this post will be all things family.

First I want to say "Happy Belated Birthday" to my cousin Becky. I just found out that your birthday was yesterday (from looking at Kira's blog). So a big Happy 50th birthday to you!!! Welcome to the 50's club. It's really not all that bad. Can you see my fingers crossed behind my back? Good! Just remember this: You are not 50, you are 18 with 32 years of experience!!!
But don't feel bad, Barbie (as in the doll) turned 50 this month as well. I'm sure you are looking much better than her at 50:
I hope you had a happy birthday!!!!

Secondly, did you know that Thanksgiving is now in March? Well it was at our house on Sunday. For the past month or so Jesse has been wanting stuffing & green bean casserole. Well we had a turkey in our freezer that I wanted to cook & since it is now spring the weather will be getting too warm to cook a turkey, and it was suppose to be cold & rainy last Sunday, we decided to have Thanksgiving (whew that was a long sentence). And you can't have Thanksgiving without family, so I called Eric, oops it was actually Jeannette & said "Hey, do you want to celebrate Thanksgiving again?". She said "YES!!!" Of course she did, would you pass up free food? I didn't think so. Sorry that I didn't invite the rest of you, but we wanted some left overs. Maybe next Thanksgiving.

We had turkey (it was the best turkey Mike has ever cooked. You really missed out), mashed potatoes & gravy (yea!!! the gravy turned out great), stuffing, green bean casserole, candied yams, corn, rolls & Jeannette brought a very yummy tossed green salad. The only thing missing was my green jello Thanksgiving salad & pumpkin pie. We were trying to eat light this time.

The mom's & dad's ate at the table in the Living room. I couldn't call it the adult table as everyone present was 18 or older except for Cade. So I called it the Mom & Dad table. Here we have (from left to right) Jeannette, Mike & Eric. Don't they look a little ticked? Probably because I interrupted their eating to take the photo. (click on any photo to enlarge)
This is the "Young'ns" table. It is the table in my family room/kitchen area. Here we have (from left to right) Jesse, Danica & Cade. Taylor didn't come as she had a speech to write for school the next day. I don't think she likes us anymore (just kidding). She loves us. We missed you Taylor!!! This group looks like they have been having too much fun.
I was trying to take photo of Brandon & he put a piece of roll up in front of his face.
I caught Jase with his mouth full. Did you notice that both tables were set up in a nice tablescape? I've learned something from my blogging. Just ignore the plastic butter tub. Pretend it is beautiful crystal.
Everyone had a good time eating. We even had left overs. Which my family is now sick of (3 days later). Good thing it is all gone now or they'd be having it again tonight for dinner. I really enjoyed this meal since I was sick at Thanksgiving and really didn't get to enjoy the meal.
And what did we give thanks for? Well for family, our health, we still have jobs, we still have homes and we are thankful for the sacrifice that Jesus made for us all and the knowledge that we will all have eternal life because of his sacrifice.

And finally, last night I was invited to go to Jeannette's ward Relief Society birthday party. Jeannette is Relief Society president in their ward and Danica and Taylor were in a little skit to celebrate Relief Society, so of course I went to see. All the tables were decorated for a different month in the year & you were suppose to sit at the table that represented the month you were born. Luckily for me, Taylor also has an August birthday, so we sat together (good thing as I didn't know anyone else at the table). Our table was decorated with a beach towel and a cake topped off with cones made to look like a sand castle. It was really cute.

Danica & Jeannette were in charge of decorating the February table (even though none of them have February birthdays). They borrowed my Valentine's decorations & Danica decorated the table really cute. Too bad I didn't take any photos. You'll just have to take my word, the table was cute. Every table was cute. Why didn't I take photos? I was too busy eating I guess. Food always takes a priority with me (take one look at me & you will have no doubts). They had a potato bar and salad. It was quite good. Every table had some sort of dessert on it, I had some of the cheesecake from Danica's February table.

After dinner some of the woman from the ward performed a song & dance, a skit of sorts. Danica was the singer & Taylor was one of the so called dancers. I filmed it on my little bitty camera (at least I caught this on tape). But it is not the best quality as there wasn't much light. At least you can hear Danica sing. Someone in their ward made up new words to the song "Fame". The song is about Relief Society. You can only see Taylor in one spot when she comes up to the front of the stage for her solo dance. The rest of the time I couldn't see her from where I was sitting. Anyways, I thought you might get a kick out of hearing Danica sing. She wasn't feeling too good as she got bit by a black widow spider a couple of days ago. She just went to the doctor & is on meds. Her joints are stiff & hurting and she can hardly move her arm. But she is going to live. Thank goodness. Can't tell you what happened to the spider though. You'll have to ask Danica.

Danica is the singer on the left. Taylor is the youngest looking girl with short blond hair. You only see her the one time she comes to the front for her solo.

After the song it was time to go to classes. This is where we split (Danica, Taylor & I). I decided to go shopping instead of attending classes. I know, I'm bad. But before I left we stopped off at the nursery to say Goodbye to Eric. The young men were in charge of babysitting. After seeing how the young men babysit, I don't think I would have them do it. The kids were all running wild. The men (Eric included) were sitting on the floor talking to one another, the young men were doing their own thing & the kids, well the kids were wild. One kid had a baseball bat. Yes, you heard me right, a baseball bat. And not a wood one, but an aluminium bat. Luckily he only hit the wall with his bat instead of a kid. This got everyone's attention real fast. Who lets a small child have a baseball bat? Only the young men. Luckily they got the bat away before any damage was done. I'm glad I didn't have any small children in the nursery (sorry Eric).

So now I think we are caught up to date on family matters. Danica wants me to take photos of her bedroom makeover to post on the blog. She just has a few more things to complete. And Taylor asked if I could post photos of her artwork. So hopefully I will be doing these 2 things in the next week or so. I may even try to teach them how to post on the blog.

Tomorrow hopefully I am posting another tablescape for Tablescape Thursday. Depends on how I feel tonight, I've been so tired lately. Oh and American Idol is on tonight, so we'll see what I get done. I may just post my Thanksgiving in March tablescapes. If anyone else in our family wants to do their own tablescape just post it on the blog on Wednesday nights or Thursday morning & I will link it up on the Tablescape Thursday party. Otherwise, you are just stuck looking at mine.


Michelle said...

I love Thanksgiving dinners in months other then November, the family would rather have turkey rolls-silly family. Thanks for your comment at my blog, so far so good, still spotless, still making her bed every morning, it's a record...

Tracey McBride said...

Hi Kim! What a great post, you are such a good writer, you had me laughing like crazy! I love your roast turkey's my very favorite meal! Love LOVE love the Barbie picture. Thanks so much for sharing.
P. S. I like the way you make your blog a joint effort, allowing others to post. You've given me an idea to possibly do this on the kindred spirits blog...people posting ideas! Now I have to figure out how it works on Blogger :). Thanks again.

Terry said...

Where in the world did you find that picture of Barbie? That's so funny! Have a nice evening, one Real Wives fan to another! :)