Sunday, March 8, 2009

Met Monday - Master bedroom

Welcome to another Metamorphosis Monday hosted by Susan at Between Naps on the Porch. Be sure to hop on over to her blog to see all the other participants and enjoy!

I haven't participated the past few weeks as I haven't gotten anything accomplished. I'm pretty lazy and I am easily distracted. But this past week I decided to clean up my master bedroom & change some stuff. I'm happy with the changes & I know my husband is extremely happy that I finally cleaned up (well mostly).

So come along & see what I've done. I can't believe that I am actually going to show you before photos. But in order to really appreciate the after, you have to see the before. You should be able to click on any photo to enlarge it. But I am not responsible for any dirt or dust you might witness in the process. OK, I am responsible, but can I blame my hubby instead?

This first photo is the before photo of the top of my dresser. This tends to be the drop off point for all my papers, fabric, etc.

Here is the after. I moved my window with the vintage Paris print over from the other side of the room. I think I like it here better. I moved the tri fold mirror that had been on top to the side of the room that the window came from. The lamp I bought on clearance from Target when they moved the Target in our town. I just bought the black lamp shade on clearance from Ross. I really like it with the black lamp shade.
Here is the before of the area on my side of the bed. I have an antique child's dresser that becomes another dumping ground for whatever. This is where the Paris window was originally before moving it. Notice that my bed is not made & no drapes on the french doors. We love to live dangerously!

Here is the after. I moved the tri fold mirror to this small child's dresser. I love this mirror, I got it at a yard sale years ago for $5.00. Such the deal! The black cabinet that I had hubby hang on the wall came from a thrift store & it was $5.00 as well. It's been sitting in my garage for about 3 years. I just added the vintage Paris prints. Then I got hubby to hang my drapes. Did you notice? I was cleaning out my armoire I found my fleur de lis finials for the rod. I was so happy. I had been looking for them for a year. Yep, we lived a year with no drapes on our french doors. I told you we like to live dangerously.
Here's a closer view. My hubby didn't do a very good job in cleaning the mirror, did he? Oh I guess I could say it is a ghost. But I didn't want to scare anyone. The jewerly box on the small dresser belonged to my Great Grandmother. It is one of my most favorite items. The hand mirror & brush came from a thrift store. Here is the before on the top of my armoire. I collect white vases & pitchers. My plan is to paint the armoire black someday. Now that we have french doors in our bedroom, my hubby said it will be easier to get the humongous piece out the door to paint. Can't wait!

Here is the after. I had hubby hang the iron piece above the armoire. This ceiling is at it's highest at this end of the room. I also added a birdcage to the top of the armoire. Here's another before view of my side of the bedroom. What you can't see is the pile of stuff I have on the floor on the other side of the bed. And we will keep it that way. Not that we'll keep the pile of stuff there, I just won't show you the mess. You will just have to use your imagination.
This is also a before photo. This is from last summer. When it warms up in a few weeks, I will be switching out our comforter for this lighter matlasse coverlet. So then it will become an after again. Metamorphosis can go back and forth in my household.
Here is the current after. I love, love, love toile. And especially black & white toile. So when I saw this comforter set on JC Penney's website a year ago, I just had to have it. Only problem was that I didn't have the money for it. That is where my son comes to the rescue. He purchased the comforter set for me for Christmas a year ago. I've used it on my bed for a little over a year now & I still love it (well a year, minus the spring & summer months were I used my matlasse one). I did splurge & buy myself the monogramed pillow. I've always wanted one.

This is my nightstand. I know, I know, my kleenix box doesn't match or even come close. I would just love if Kleenix did toile boxes. Wouldn't that just be the best? Maybe I'll suggest it to them. I guess I could make a cover, but like I said, I'm just too lazy most of the time. Anyways, back to why I'm showing you my nightstand (I told you I am easily distracted), the table itself is a metamorphosis. It originally belonged to my MIL & it was painted avocado green with the ugliest knobs on it. Sorry I don't have a before photo, I always forget to take them. Drats!!! We painted it black & put on some new knobs & presto, chango, it became a thing of beauty. Also the lamp was originally an ugly beige. I sponged on white paint over it to give it a mottled look & then added the toile lampshade that I got on clearance at Lowes a few years back. My hubby has a matching one on his side of the room as well. It made such a huge difference just changing up the color slightly & changing the lamp shade (no before photo for this project either, sorry).

Here is the little shelf with my girly pink things. I didn't show this photo when I posted for "What's on my Wall Wednesday" as I hadn't dusted. So today I dusted so you could see. I still need to put a photo or print in my frame. I'm notorious for buying frames & displaying them without any photos. It's that laziness thing again.

So here is a couple of final looks at our bedroom (my side at least). This is the before.

And here is the after. Sorry about the glare, it was early evening when I took this photo today & the sun was coming through the leaded window. I hope you enjoyed my bedroom metamorphosis. I'm happy with the results. But not sure how long I can keep it clean. Did you notice that I didn't show you my hubby's side of the room? He had stuff on his dresser & I didn't get it quite cleaned off in time to take photos before I lost the light from the sun. Maybe in another post? Depends on how lazy I am and what I can find to distract me.

Now go check out all the other participants and see what they've been up to. And don't forgot to leave everyone a comment (including me). We like to know what you think & if you have any suggestions. Especially on not being lazy & getting so distracted. Thanks for visiting!


susan said...

LOVE that bed and I think the window is perfect in its new spot!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! The guazy bed dressing, the wonderful balance of light and airy, romanitic and some frenchy there too!!


Mom in High Heels said...

How lovely! I have the same print in my living room that is in your window frame. I love the window idea. Beautiful!

mishebe said...

Great room. Love the bed and bedding. mishelle

Shelia said...

Hi Kim and it's nice to meet you! Wow, when you decide to clean up a bit you go all the way! Your bedroom is gorgeous! I love all the little special touches you have all around. The netting is very pretty hanging from the posts of your bed and the bedding and curtains are so pretty.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

marty39 said...

What a gorgeous room. I love all the accessories especially all the gorgeous white ironstone. Such a great display on the top of the armoire. The bed is just stunning. Great job. Hugs, Marty

Cathy said...

I am mad for black toile, and you have done it so well! Thanks for sharing. Cathy

Domestic Designer said...

Classy and elegant! I love it. You did a great job. Have a great day!

Chari said...

Ohhhh Kim...your bedroom turned out absolutely frenchy fabulous!!! I just love, love, love all the changes that you made! You have such a beautiful bedroom...ahhh, those french em'! have some really beautiful furniture pieces...that canopy bed all dressed up in that pretty white drapery fabric...ohhh sooo romantic!!! What a lovely bedroom...I love it all!!!

Warmest wishes,

Linda said...

Love your room and your money saving practical things!
Still love those fleur de lis windows too, those are so great!
Linda Q

Debbie @ said...

Boy I love that bed and all that goes on it. I love black toile and the gauzy curtains. You have a beautiful home!

Linda said...

That is so charming and filled with French things I love - c'est fantastique! Linda

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

It funny how clutter just begets more clutter, but you have improved your room 100%! I love your style. The Paris theme is done to perfection, not too cutsie. Very nice, looks inviting and romantic. I love it.

ceekay said...

I LOVE what you did in your bedroom. LOve the black and white...very french!!