Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Kim's version of family vacation-Day 3

It's time to get back to my version of our summer vacation. Today is day 3 which was Wednesday August 19, 2009.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love to go to thrift stores. And anyone who knows me, also knows that this is a fairly new obsession for me. Prior to meeting Mike I had an aversion to thrift stores. I have always loved antique stores, but thrift stores, yuck!!!

I remember the first time Mike took me to AMVETS (thrift store in El Cajon). I couldn't wait to get out of there. I didn't want to touch anything. I was afraid of what I might catch. I couldn't wash my hands soon enough after leaving. But luckily, I got used to going to thrift stores. And now I love thrift stores more than antique stores (only because they are cheaper).

I still can't buy clothes from thrift stores (I've always hated hand me down clothes & that is what thrift store clothes feel like to me), but household items, I'm all in. So while we were in Arizona I wrote down a list of a bunch of thrift stores that I wanted to check out. The Phoenix area has a ton of Goodwill thrift stores and a bunch called Savers.

So on the third day of our vacation we decided to hit up as many thrift stores as we could find. It helps that we had a GPS for finding each store. I think we went to about 4 or 5 Goodwill stores. We never did get to any of the Savers thrift stores.

Here is the loot that I picked up. I had to be picky as we didn't have much room in the car for taking stuff home back to California.
I love, love, love white pumpkins. So I was happy to find this little treasure for $1.50. It was 1/2 price.
I found this perfume bottle for $2.00. I have a perfume bottle collection (in case you didn't know). But then, what don't I have a collection of? Brandon thinks I collect everything. Not quite, but close.
This candle holder was also 1/2 price. I got it for 50 cents. Yup, I collect glass candle holders as well. I didn't need this, but it was only 50 cents. I couldn't pass it up.

And you know that I am into tablescaping right now. I've always had a dish fetish. Now it has progressed into napkin rings & other items for my table setting. These turkey napkin rings will look great on my Thanksgiving table. Mike thinks they are ugly, but he would be wrong.

These 4 silver snowflake napkin rings came with the turkey ones above. I got all 10 napkin rings for $5.00.
I got these 8 silver napkin rings for $4.00. I like the look of the tarnished one on the bottom left. I'm hoping that all they tarnish like that.

After a day of thrift store shopping we got back to the condo to fix dinner. Mike & I fixed beef & chicken enchiladas. They were so yummy!!!! Mike is a much better cook than me. Too bad I can't get him to fix dinner every night at home. We had lots of left over enchiladas. You will hear about what happened to them on the last day of our vacation.

After dinner we played Dominoes (we did this every night). Brandon took this photo from the loft area above the living room. I was also looking at blogs on the computer while playing. Jesse was outside talking on the phone to his girlfriend.
Here I am reading something while I was also on the computer while playing Dominoes. I did better at Dominoes when I wasn't paying that much attention. I think I won 3 games in a row this way.
Jodi taking photos with her new camera she got while on vacation.
After a few games of Dominoes, Jesse, Mike & I went to the game room to play some ping pong & pool.
Jesse & Mike playing ping pong.

Here I am in the gym on the elliptical. Does anyone believe that? I didn't think so. I did try it out for a couple of minutes. Thought I was going to die, so I stopped. Probably a smart move. Who wants to die on vacation?

Jesse & Mike playing pool.

Well there you have day 3 of our vacation. Exciting huh? I really enjoyed this type of vacation. We did everything at leisure. We didn't have to be anywhere at a certain time, didn't have to go anywhere at a certain time. And I got to shop!!! My kind of vacation so far.

It was very hot on our vacation. Over 100 degrees. Probably more like 108 degrees. But it would have been that hot at home. Makes it kind of hard being outside. Luckily we were mostly in air conditioned buildings all day. We hadn't had any rain up to this point in our vacation. It was monsoon season in Arizona, but no rain yet.

Be sure to come back tomorrow for day 4 of our vacation. If you missed day 2, you can read all about it here. And day 1, here.


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You crack me up! Do you have a storage facility for all your "stuff"?