Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Kim's version of family vacation-Day 2

Today I will tell you about our 2nd day of vacation in Cave Creek. We decided to spend the day in town visiting all the local shops. Our first stop was The Town Dump. This is a wild & crazy store. We went as soon as it opened as it is mostly an outdoor place and we wanted to get there before the temps were over 100 degrees. Luckily it is just up the street from where we were staying.
This is a fun store to browse around. You could literally be here all day.

This would be the kind of store I would want to own. You wouldn't have to wash or dust anything. The dustier & rustier the better. Here is Jesse & Mike trying to take in everything.

They have a couple of these photo ops set up. Last year they had different ones. Here is Mike as a drunken cowboy & me as a cactus. Hey, I want to be the drunken cowboy!

Here is sheriff Jesse as a cat. Meow!!! Can I have a lick of your lollipop?

And here is my Pegasus unicorn from last year. They moved it & surrounded it with crap, I mean stuff. So I couldn't take my photo with it. Oh well. It was still marked over $400. I see why it's still there. I couldn't get anyone in my family to buy it for my birthday. And how would I have gotten it home if they did? They do ship UPS.

And did you notice the pink flamingos hanging in the tree? Now why didn't I think of that? I'm going to try that at home. NOT!!!

Mike & Jesse discussing which one of them is going to get into the phone booth to become Superman. One problem though, they forgot the cape.

We found lots of interesting items here at The Town Dump, but we didn't buy anything. Everything in Cave Creek is a little (or a lot depending on who you are) on the pricey side. Last year I did pick up this little sweet mermaid from this joint.
She was perfect for hanging out at our pool at home. She is even rustier than when I bought her last year. Perfection!!!

After The Town Dump we went to some of the other stores in town. I will be posting photos of them on my other blog Starshine Chic (if you are interested).

We ended up in Frontier Town. This is a little shopping area in the center of Cave Creek that looks like an old Frontier Town. It has a restaurant and some little shops. This time of year (summer) is the off season from Cave Creek. I was told by some of the shop keepers that their high season is from Feb-April for baseball spring training.
Lots of great spots for taking photos in this place. This is the shopping center where Jodi & Mom bought the "saddles" which were really "sandals" (Jodi has since corrected her version to sandals). Was Andrea the only one to catch that in Jodi's post?

The best store is a candle shop where they make their own candles. I didn't take any photos in the stores though. There is also a t-shirt store. I saw the perfect shirt for Jodi when I was there. It had a picture of a lady skeleton sitting on a park bench with the caption: "Still waiting for Prince Charming". I would have gotten it for Jodi if it hadn't been $20.00. It was too funny.
There is a "hot sauce" store in this shopping center but Jesse didn't like the woman who worked there last year so he opted not to go in this year.

They even have state of the art toilets in this place. Here is Mike taking a potty break. lol. Just kidding. He posed just for you all. Jesse even made sure the door stayed open.

Afterwards we went with Mom, Dad, Jodi & Brandon to eat at Rubio's as it was "Fish Taco Tuesday". We had to wait until after 2:30pm to go. Mike, Mom, Jesse & Brandon love fish tacos. Jodi, Dad & I, not so much. We had chicken street tacos instead.

Then we all went shopping at Target and then to a Super Walmart to buy food for dinner the rest of the week. Mike & Jesse did find some shorts at Walmart.

Since we ate lunch so late, or maybe it was we ate dinner so early, we didn't need to eat again. Except for a late night snack of microwave popcorn.

In the evening we watched "Big Brother" and "America's Got Talent" on TV and played Domino's. The only time I ever play games is when on vacation with Mom & Dad.

Well there you have our 2nd day of vacation. Wasn't it just so exciting? I know you can hardly stand it & I know you are wishing you had been there.

We did see a road runner!!!!


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