Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy birthday Jodi & Todd!!!

Can you believe that 48 years ago today Jodi & Todd were born? We can't either! Just kidding.

When mom and dad brought them home from the hospital I said, "Why did you bring home two babies, we only need one?"

I'm glad that I got to see Todd this week & wish him an early happy birthday. And yesterday I got to see Jodi when I was down to see Mom. I told Jodi, "Don't forget that tomorrow is Todd's birthday". I always do that to her. It's our yearly joke. I always wish her happy birthday afterwards.

So Happy Birthday to the both of you!!! We love you!!!

P.S. If you missed Jodi's post about mom being home from the hospital, click here. I added a couple of photos of Mom from yesterday as well.

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