Thursday, January 28, 2010

Has Fitzgerald run amuck?

Most of you probably read Jodi's encounter with a ghost. Or was it a weird wire? Most of my extended family thinks it was a ghost as it sounds much more entertaining. Plus Eric's family already has a name for their ghost. It's Fitzgerald. (Doesn't every family have a ghost who does all the weird things around their house, or stuff that your kids do that they just don't want to admit that they did?) So Jodi is saying that when Eric's family came down last weekend to visit mom, they brought and then left Fitzgerald the ghost at their house. Jodi told Danica to come & get him.

Well, I think that Fitzgerald has decided to visit my house. Probably because I watch too many ghost shows, so he thinks he would feel right at home.

And why do I think that we have a ghost?

I'm glad you asked as I'm going to tell you.
Here we have exhibit A: My alarm clock. And yes, I know it has huge numbers. Remember that I'm blind without my contacts and glasses.

I don't really need an alarm clock. I never set the alarm to wake up in the morning. I have my own internal alarm clock. I always wake up at 6:30am (pretend that the clock says 6:30am).

Yesterday morning I woke up and looked at my alarm clock & it said 6:30. So it was time to get up. But it seemed kind of dark outside. I just chalked that up to it being left over clouds from rain the night before. So I got up and took my shower.

After I got out of the shower I looked at the clock in the bathroom & it said it was 6:30am. What? How could that be? I got up at 6:30 and it takes me about 20 minutes to shower, etc.

So I walked back into the bedroom & looked at my alarm clock. It said 6:50. Then I looked at Mike's alarm clock and it said 6:30. I went into the kitchen/family room & every clock in there said 6:30. So that means that I got up at 6:10am, not 6:30am as the clock had said.

Someone, or something had set my alarm clock ahead 20 minutes!!! Must be a ghost. Could it be Fitzgerald?

And this morning, the same thing happened. Only this time my clock was ahead by 7 minutes.

Strange! Very strange!!!!

Insert Twilight Zone music here.

Maybe I need to call these guys:
I wonder if they are still in business?

I do like watching ghost shows, I just don't want them in my house! But then, maybe I just need a new alarm clock. Nah, a ghost sounds much more entertaining. And who else am I going to blame if not a ghost?

Danica, are you missing Fitzgerald? I think he is at my house. Come and get him!!!


Jodi said...

I'm glad he's not here anymore. Have fun Fitzgerald!!!

Prescott family said...

That kind of stuff always happens at my house! Just the other night I was home by myself watching tv on the sofa when all of a sudden I heard ice dropping on the floor from the freezer door! Yikes, that's just one of many examples!!

Danica said...

It has been awfully quiet here lately. Maybe he needed a vacation. We aren't scared of him anymore, so maybe he is feeling resentful. Either way, he's your problem now!!! ha ha ha!!!