Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Family Halloween costumes 2010

EDITED 11/5 10:00AM: Marti's oldest son Sean lives in Illinois. His wife Paula posted photos of their daughter Killian dressed up for Halloween.

Killian dressed up as a unicorn for the Halloween party at the library (Sean's wife Paula works at the library).
Killian dressed up as a princess, all ready for trick or treating.

If you want to read more of Sean, Paula & Killian's Halloween, be sure to visit Paula's blog A Midwest Biograffy!

EDITED AT 5:15PM: Andrea has now posted her Halloween photos on Prescott Family Tree.

This is the only one from this year. And no, these are not all Andrea's kids. Only 3 of them are. I'm guessing Andrea's three are Nate (far left) in white outfit with black hat. Not sure what he is suppose to be. The guy sitting down in front with the mask has to be Simon. And Noah should be the one on the far right with the beard & hat. Am I right Andrea? And don't ask me what or who they are suppose to be. Your guess is as good as mine. But I do know what her oldest son Zak dressed up as for Halloween (he is not in photo). I'm guessing he dressed up as a missionary.


Ok, so Halloween is over. But before we move on to Thanksgiving, did I tell you how much I love Thanksgiving?

Did I just get sidetracked? The thought of food will do that to me.

Anyhoo, I thought I would share what everyone in our extended family dressed up as for Halloween. At least the family members that I found photos of.

If you are a family member who dressed up for Halloween and do not see yourself pictured here, give me a buzz. Or better yet, send me your photos in an email & I'll add them. You will find a link with my email address on the sidebar.

We will start off with me. Not really sure what I am suppose to be. The dress was a Vampiress costume I bought about 5 years ago when I was thinner. I'm really too fat for this dress now, but Danica wanted me to dress up so I did. I just didn't put any make up on.

Here is Danica (Eric's oldest). She actually dressed up in 2 different costumes this year. For trunk or treating on Saturday night she dressed up as Sally from A Nightmare Before Christmas. This was the costume that she wanted all along for Halloween, but she didn't find it until right before the ward party. She was out looking for a pumpkin & she found the costume.

This is how Danica & I decorated her car for trunk or treating. Everyone in Eric's family was sick, or away from home that night, so I went along with Danica to help her out. I'm an awesome aunt! Aren't I?

On Halloween night Danica dressed up at the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland. She came over to my house to help pass out candy & help me decorate outside. We have so much fun together.

Now we have Taylor (Eric's other daughter) & her husband Michael.

They dressed up as Batman & Robin. They even made their own costumes.

Don't you just love Michael's Batman underwear? Have to give him extra points for that. But I would have given him the grand prize if he had been wearing tights too.

If you want to read more about Taylor & Michael's Halloween, hop on over to their blog You're My Everything & read all about their first Halloween together. You might also want to become facebook friends with Taylor as well. She usually posts more on facebook than on her blog.

Can anyone guess what Jodi is suppose to be? If you guessed static cling, you are right. That is definitely an original costume. Hey, isn't that my missing sock?

Jodi doesn't have her own blog, she shares this one with me & the rest of you. But she is on facebook, so if you haven't befriended her there, you might just want to. She posted a bunch of photos from her ward Halloween party on facebook (that is where I stole this one from).

I don't have any photos of Andrea's family or Todd's family. Not sure if they dressed up or not.

Andrea does have a family blog that she shares with her sister in law. It's called Prescott Family Tree. If you read something posted from Prescott family there, that is Andrea. If something is posted by Dee Dee, that is her sister in law.

Todd doesn't have a family blog, but he does post on facebook. So does Andrea (she posts more on facebook than on her family blog). Be sure to become friends with the both of them (if you aren't already).

I also didn't get a photo of my stepson Jesse as he dressed up after he left home. He told me he dressed up as a loser. Complete with Loser across his forehead.

And I hear my Grandson Gunner was going to dress up as Thomas the Train (the costume he was suppose to wear last year but refused to wear or to go trick or treating), but ended up being LT. I'm assuming LT is LaDainian Tomlinson aka: LT who used to be on the Chargers football team. But since I wasn't provided any photos (hint, hint), I don't know for sure.

Now we will move on to Marti's family. We will start with Marti's oldest daughter Erin's family.

Aubree is Erin's oldest child. She is dressed as Pippi Longstocking. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this costume. I so wanted to be Pippi when I was a kid.

I actually saw 3 different Pippi's this Halloween. Is Pippi back in style?

Bryce is Erin's middle child. He was dressed up as Peter Pan.

And Erin's baby Thane was dressed as a lion. Isn't he a cutie pie?

You can read more about Erin's family Halloween over at her blog Such a Winters' Day. Her little family is getting ready to move from one end of the country to the other. Erin is also on facebook.

Next we have Katie's little family. Katie is another one of Marti's daughters.

Here is Katie with her daughter Anna. Anna makes the cutest monkey.

Katie & her husband Seth decided on a Safari theme for this year. I think they definitely pulled it off. You can read more about Katie's family Halloween on her blog Harp Family. You can also find Katie on facebook.

And the last one I have from Marti's family is Kira and her family.

This is Kylee, she is Kira's oldest. I love this photo. Let the boxing begin.

Kira, her husband Stew, Kylee and their new baby Tyson (the little boxer). Kira also has a blog, it is called Pope-pourri. She hasn't posted about Halloween on her blog yet. I stole the photos from her facebook (after I asked her to post some). If you are facebook friends with Kira, she has posted about 80 photos of their trip to the pumpkin patch & Halloween.

And finally we have Becky's family. The only thing I could find was a photo of Tina.

Tina made this Dorothy (Wizard of Oz) costume last Halloween. The photo is from last year. Not sure she dressed up as Dorothy again this year. But I love this costume so I am sharing it.

Notice the sneakers? Fabulous!!!

Tina did post the photos of these ruby red slippers this year. I'm thinking she got them to wear with the costume this year. But then, I could be way off.

Tina has a blog called Trials and Tribulations. She did post a short Happy Halloween message, but no photos. She did say that she may post more later. Come on Tina, we want to read more.

Tina is also on facebook too. Isn't everyone?

There are a few more family members who have blogs and/or are on facebook. You can find links to all the family blogs in the sidebar of this blog.

Be sure to visit everyone's blogs and leave comments. We love comments.

And if you dressed up for Halloween this year & I did not post a photo or give you a shout out, just let me know. If you provide me with photos, I will post them.

I hope that all of you had a happy, fun & safe Halloween.

Now bring on Thanksgiving.

Did I tell you I love Thanksgiving?