Thursday, May 1, 2008

Lost Boy!

For the last several months Noah has been practicing to be in his school play "Peter Pan". The kids all had to try out & the director picked who got what part. Noah wanted to have a lead part until he realized how many lines some of them had. He ended up being one of the lead "Lost Boys". He was excited in the beginning to be a part of the play but as the time wore on & his lunches & after school time was absorbed by the practicing he wasn't so excited about it all.... until this week. Monday they had dress rehersal after school until 6PM - then on Tuesday the kids (all 150 of them) were bused over to the local middle school in the morning & performed for a crowd of school kids & parents. Jamey was able to attend that performance & Noah was in heaven. He loved being on stage - he found his destiny! The next day they performed again during the day & then again last night. Jamey & I both went last night & Noah really did a great job... in fact all of the kids did. Can you believe they had 150 kids from Kindergarten to 5th grade in this play? The lady directing it (did it out of the kindness of her heart) - she deserves a medal! The other boys wanted to go but they went to the temple instead - they don't get too many opportunities to go there.

Here are some pictures of the exciting night at the play...

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Kim Chalfant said...

Noah, So you have the acting bug. I had it too at your age. Maybe you will become a famous actor someday. Wish I could have seen your play. Maybe the next one. Love, Aunt Kim