Saturday, May 10, 2008

March Air Fest 2008

Mike, Jesse, Brandon & I went to the air show at March Air Reserve Base last Saturday 5/3/08. The base is only about 15 minutes north of our house, but it took about 2 hours to get into the show as there was a ton a traffic. We had to park about 1/2 mile from tarmac and walk in carrying all our stuff. Coolers were not allowed as everyone & thing had to be searched prior to entering.

When we finally got inside, we put up our chairs and umbrella and got comfortable. The photos are of our favorite things. Wall of fire, Cal Fire DC10 water drop demo, F-22 Raptor, Golden Knights, C-17 (this is the big military cargo transport plane that flies out of March ARB & over our house every day.), US Air Force Thunderbirds.

Everyone got a little sunburnt, but had a great time overall. After the show, we went to "Mr You" our favorite Chinese restaurant for dinner.

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