Friday, May 23, 2008

Time warp

Kim and Crew,
This is a great idea, thanks for putting it together...
So how is everyone doing?
Looking at the pictures from Mother's Day it is evident that we need to get together, maybe a family reunion. I hardly recognize the cousins....
more later,



Kim Chalfant said...

Welcome to the blog Ryan. Glad to hear from you.


Prescott family said...

Hey Ryan,
It's nice to see someone else besides Kim & me on this blog. I hope there is more to come... maybe some pictures of the kids? You are right, it has been TOO long. I don't think I have even seen your kids or Melissa's (at least not in person). Hopefully more people will blog so we can feel closer in some way. I hope you & your family are doing well! It will be great to hear how you are all doing!! Tell Alli hi..