Thursday, May 22, 2008


TORNADO!!!!! Can you believe a tornado in southern California? Brandon & I were on our way home from work when all of a sudden we saw a tornado. Not a funnel cloud, but an actual tornado. I have never been so scared in all my life!!!!

The tornado crossed the 215 freeway at March Air Base in Moreno Valley. It blew over a big rig truck & knocked over a bunch of train box cars. They had north bound 215 closed & traffic going southbound was at a crawl (this is what we were stuck in). Luckily we were north of the tornado .
The first two photos we didn't take, got them off the web from local news stations. But the rest of the photos Brandon & I took with our cell phone cameras.

I almost always have my regular digital camera in my purse, but of course today it was left at home. Also Brandon always has a police scanner with him, but his batteries died today. Of all days for this to happen, it would be today. I couldn't figure out how to take photos with my cell phone, so by the time I did, the tornado was dissipating.

If the tornado wasn't enough, it started hailing & there was about a 6 inches of hail on the freeway. Looked like snow. It was real scary.

It took us forever to get home. But we finally did. Now we hear there is another tornado spotted in Lake Elsinore which is just west of us.

Right now it looks like the weather has calmed a bit. It's currently not raining, but radar shows thunderstorms just north of us, so I'm sure we are not out of trouble yet. I'll keep you posted if anything more happens.

Anyone else thinking "end of times". I know I am.

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Prescott family said...

Wow Kim that's crazy... I'm glad I live further south where that kind of stuff doesn't happen. Ha ha ha