Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Family Vacation 2009 Day 10 & 11

Monday we got up at 9:00am and ate breakfast and watched some TV. About 1:00 pm we decided to have lunch so Brandon & I drove through Dairy Queen and got lunch and Ice Cream. After we finished lunch Kim Mike and Jessie showed up. They there stuff and we played some games. About 4:30pm we decided to go eat dinner so we drove to a restaurant called the Horny Toad that had all you can eat Beef Ribs. Mike had that Kim and Mom had Salmon, Brandon & Jessie had Hamburgers, Dad had a half rack of pork Ribs and I had chicken fajitas. Its pretty good. Then we came back to the condo and played games and watched TV. Mike and Jessie went over to the game room and played Pool.

Tuesday, we got up about 9:00am and all ate breakfast and watched TV. Kim, Mike and Jessie drove to a antique shop called the Town Dump. While they were gone, Dad and I walked over to the gift shops just up the street. It was very warm about 97 degrees. After we all got back we decided to go to Rubios and get lunch/dinner. Mom, Brandon, Jessie & Mike all had fish tacos, and Kim, Dad & I had Chicken Street Tacos. They were really good. After we finished eating, we went to Target and Walmart to get stuff and get groceries for the rest of the week.

After we came back we watched some TV and played Dominoes.

The weather has been in the hundreds and pretty hot, but we are having alot of fun.

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