Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Family Flashback-So Cal Fair

It's starting to feel like fall in our neck of the woods. At least for a couple of days. And that means that it is almost time for the Southern California Fair aka: So Cal Fair in Perris, CA. Eric said it used to be called the Harvest Fair. For the past 2 years, my family & Eric's family have gone to the fair together.

So for Friday Family Flashback, I thought I would repost about our trip to last years fair in anticipation of going to the fair again in the next couple of weeks. This originally posted on 10/12/08.


Yesterday we went to the So Cal Fair in Perris, CA with Eric's family. This is a small town fair that is held the beginning of October each year. Eric's family goes every year & this is the 2nd year my family has attended.

Mike, Jesse & I met up with Eric, Jeannette & Cade at the fairgrounds around 4:30pm. Brandon stayed home & so did Jase from Eric's family. Taylor was going with her girlfriends and we met up with her a couple of times throughout the evening.

We spent about 5 hours enjoying everything at the fair. We shopped, ate, looked at all the displays, saw the animals, went on rides (well Cade & Taylor did), went to the hypnotist show, had hot chocolate & funnel cake. All in all, we had a real good time.

Here are some photos of our good time at the fair.

Click to play So Cal Fair 2008

And as a bonus, here are a couple of videos from our trip to last years fair that I didn't share with you last year.

Warning: If you are at work or anywhere other than home, you might want to turn down your volume on the pig video. Pigs get quite loud when food is involved. I can totally relate.

I also found a photo of Taylor (Eric's daughter) with her 1st place art at the 2007 So Cal Fair.

Well I hope you enjoyed our little trip back in time. Even if it was a short trip. I love going to this fair. It's small & intimate. The way country fairs should be.

This years fair is Oct 10-18. Can't wait to have funnel cake, see the pig races, and eat, eat, eat. I'll be sure to post about this years trip to the fair in a few weeks.

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