Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sunday Favorites-Halloween Show & Tell

Sorry that I haven't posted anything new to either of my blogs in the past week or so. But I've been sick. I've had the flu. Probably H1N1 aka: Swine Flu, but I don't know for sure since I didn't go to the doctor. And does it really matter? The flu, is the flu. Your sick, you hopefully get better. Which I am doing.

But now hubby is sick. And when he gets sick, it's like he is dying (not literally), he just acts like he is. Men don't know how to be sick. Lucky for him I am feeling well enough to take care of him. No one took care of me while I was sick, I still had to make dinner & clean up. But I guess that is my fault, I trained everyone.

So for this weeks Sunday Favorites hosted by Chari at Happy to Design, I thought I would continue with my Halloween posts from last year. This post originally posted on 10/27/08:

The most dreadful day of the week is here again. It's Monday!!!! Time for show and tell. This weeks theme is "Anything Halloween".

I was trying to think back to my favorite Halloween and you know what? I can't remember a specific Halloween being the best. Probably as my memories of my childhood have faded. I remember my favorite costume was the year I was a greek goddess. I also do remember going trick or treating and worrying that someone might egg us or run us over. And that we were suppose to only go to houses of people we knew so we wouldn't get something poisoned or a needle in our candy (we never followed this rule & we never did get poisoned & never found a needle in our candy). Yes even then, Moms had to be a little paranoid.

I remember going to the school carnival each year. I remember loving Halloween and dressing up and we couldn't wait for it to get dark so we could go trick or treating. I remember coming home after trick or treating & all of us kids sitting on the living room floor, emptying our loot of candy & trading candy with one another. I always wanted the Snicker bars. This was the best part of Halloween. I remember Mom telling me that I was too old to trick or treat when I turned 16, but I still dressed up and went out trick or treating with my friends. All in all, I have nothing but warm loving memories of Halloween.

And then when I became a parent, Halloween was still fun as now I had to be the one to make the Halloween costumes, take Brandon out trick or treating and be the paranoid Mom. When we lived in El Cajon, I would always take Brandon over to Mom & Dads neighborhood for trick or treating. We lived in an apartment building & never went trick or treating there. Everyone knows the good candy is in the residential neighborhoods with houses.

To this day, I still love Halloween. My favorite movie to watch this time of year is "Dracula" with Gary Oldman & Winona Rider. There is something about this movie that I love. I haven't watched it yet this year, but I still have a few days until Halloween. I'll have to borrow it from Danica as I can't find my copy.

I'm so looking forward to this Friday night when all the ghosts and goblins come trick or treating to my door. I have about 1000 pieces of candy to pass out. My boys are hoping that we have lots of candy left over. We'll see.

To get you in the mood for Halloween, enjoy a few more Halloween costume photos I found this past week.
This photo is dated May 1966. But we all know that Halloween isn't in May. My Mom must have been a procrastinator and didn't have the photo developed until some 7 months later. So the photo must have actually been taken in Oct 1965. The house in the background is our house on Ellen Lane. I remember wearing my Greek Goddess costume. It was my favorite costume of any Halloween. Probably would have looked better if I had been a little older & had boobs. From left to right: Eric, me, Jodi, Todd. Andrea wouldn't have been born yet.

This photo says it is 1966. I don't remember dressing up as a bride, but here is the proof. Funny how I can remember the costume from the year before, but this one I had no memory of. Jodi, me, Todd, Eric.

This photo I don't have a date for it. But from the looks of us, it must have been in the 1970's sometime. Check out mom!!! Dad obviously took the photo. I wonder if he dressed up? I have no clue as to what I was suppose to be. This is the only photo I have from Halloween for all 5 of us kids. Finally a Halloween photo with Andrea.

The next 3 photos are of my Grandson Gunner. He was only a little more than 2 months old when these photos were taken last Halloween (2007).

This 1st photo is so cute. Gunner is wearing the pj's that I got him from Old Navy. It says "Bone to be wild"on the pj top. The bottom had little skeletons all over. He had fallen asleep & must have been dreaming about something that made him happy (probably me).
In these last 2 photos, Gunner is wearing the M&M outfit that Mike & I had bought for him from the M&M store in Las Vegas. It came with a hat. I wonder why he isn't wearing it. This was Gunner's first Halloween costume.
Well that is the end of my Halloween photos. I was going to show you one last photo of the scariest room in my house but the photo didn't turn out. Too bad. It was of what is suppose to be our game room. It had been our storage room for about 2-3 years. This weekend we decided to clean it out and make it our game room. We didn't get it quite done. I will post photos later of our progression if I can get the photos down loaded correctly.

Next Monday you can post on what you actually did on Halloween. Did you go trick or treating? Did you go to a party? Did you pass out candy to the little kiddies? Report on "How I spent my Halloween" on next Mondays Show and Tell. Did you notice that I was milking Halloween for all it was worth?

Happy Halloween!!!!


I hope that you enjoyed revisiting my post. As you can tell, I love Halloween and I did indeed milk it for all it was worth last year. This year, not so much. Except for the reposting of last year. Oh well.

Now hop on over to Chari's blog at Happy to Design to see all the other participants for this week.


Sarah said...

What a treasure you have with these old photos. I can't think of one family photo where my brothers and sister and I are costume. Thanks for sharing these! ~ Sarah

Alicia said...

I really enjoyed your repost post. It brings back a lot of memories of my childhood. I just wish I had pictures as you do. My parents weren't big on pictures, they still aren' Thanks for sharing, I loved your Greek goddess costume.

Diann @ The Thrifty Groove said...

Great memories.

I hope ou are feeling better and still take it easy until the bug is out of your system!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Lynn said...

Loved the Vintage photos of the holiday!
I hope you are feeling better!
I remember one time when the kids were small, I had the most horrid case of the flu and carrying on with the barest maintainence for the babies was dreadful. My 4 year old was doing laundry for me.
THEN my husband got it...
He called in sick and took to the bed and wailed about how I COULDN'T have been as sick as he was.
Yeah. Sick men...

Chari said...

Hi Kim... glad that your sharing more of your Halloween memories with us for Sunday Favorities today! I have really enjoyed them! Girl, you made a gorgeous greek your hair too!!! It's so much fun looking back at those old photos...isn't it? I have a couple of old photos of my halloween I was a little peasant girl and the other I had dressed up as an old hobo with the baggy overalls! I remember having so much fun!

Now...I just adored seeing your precious little Gunner all dressed up in his red M&M costume...if that isn't the most precious thing I've ever seen!!! Does he live near to you, Kim? If so, you could have lots of fun in just a couple of years taking him trick-or-treating!

Well Darlin'...I'm so sorry that you've been so sick with the flu! I do hope that you're feeling better now...sure will be praying for you and Mike!!! Have a super Sunday, Sweetie and thank you for joining in with Sunday Favorites again this week...loved it!!!

Love ya,