Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Let's go to the fair

Last Friday night after work we went to the Southern California Fair aka: SoCal Fair in Perris, CA. We met up with Eric's family at the fair. We have done this for the last couple of years. This year it was still hot when we got to the fair about 6:30pm. The last couple of years it had been cold, so it was weird having it be so warm. But nice.

This year Jeannette was the only one not to go from Eric's family. She thought it would be funner to stay home by herself. She was probably right. Everyone but Brandon went from my family. Jesse brought his girlfriend Brin. And Eric's kids brought a couple of friends.

We weren't at the fair more than 5 minutes when Eric announced he was already out of cash. Between paying for his family to get into the fair, buying each of his kids carnival ride passes and giving them money for dinner, he was broke. I told him he hasn't trained his kids right. Mine pay for themselves.

All the kids went their own way except for Danica, she hung out with us adults. Our first stop was to get some Shave Ice (fancy word for snow cone). They were only $1.00. Such a deal & very yummy. Next we went to the vendors. Here is Eric buying some nuts and candy. Luckily this vendor took debit cards.

Then we went inside the big tent to see all the displays. Of course, Eric & Mike liked the old cars the best. Danica had to wear her sun glasses as she had a blood vessel break (or something like that) in one of her eyes & had been to the eye doctor. He said to wear the sunglasses as much as possible.
In the home arts section I saw this beautiful wedding dress that someone had made. It got a "best of show" ribbon.
I couldn't possibly imagine making my own wedding dress.
There were beautiful quilts.
The quilts reminded me of Grandma Manning. I remember her quilting with her friends all the time. She tried to teach me how to quilt, but I could never make my stitches tiny enough. I really admire people who can quilt.
Next Danica & I checked out the tablescapes. Every year we say we are going to enter one ourselves & then we always forget. I think we could do a better job. Here is a simple "Fall" tablescape.
And a cute one for Halloween. We again agreed that "next year" we will enter.
It was at this point in our adventure that my camera said "Out of internal memory". What? How could I be out of memory? I opened up my camera & it was missing my memory card. Drats!!!! I had left it in my computer at work when I was downloading photos earlier in the day. And the internal memory of my camera doesn't hold only a few photos. So I was not able to take anymore photos of our adventure.

I was so dissapointed. Taking photos is actually the best part of going to the fair. I didn't get any photos of the rest of Eric's family, nor any photos of my family. This was the first time I had forgotten to put the memory card back in my camera. And I was just worried that the battery wouldn't last all night.

After visiting the displays, we walked down to where the animals were, but none of us were in the mood for seeing the farm animals. You've seen one goat, sheep or pig, you've seen them all. Really it was because Mike & I were still feeling weak from having the flu so we just didn't want to deal with stinky animals.

We decided instead to eat. Eating is one of the best parts of a fair. Eric found an ATM to get some more cash. He was happy that the fee wasn't very much for the ATM. Eric & I each got a carne asada burrito and a soda. Danica wasn't hungry. How can you not be hungry at the fair? Mike & I shared our burrito & soda. And what does one carne asada burrito & a large soda cost? $10.50. It was pretty good, but we were still hungry.

We went down to the carnival midway to see if we could find the kids. Ran into Jesse & Brin who were on their way to the stadium to watch the monster trucks. When we got to the midway, we did find Eric's kids and friends. Jase was feeling a little sick after getting off some spinning ride. We hung out with them awhile & watched them ride the rides.

Then the kids decided to get dinner. Since Mike & I were still hungry, we thought we would try a tri tip sandwich. We shared one. And boy was it ever good. But expensive. Cost almost $8.00 for one sandwich.

Afterwards we (minus Jesse & Brin) got a couple of funnel cakes to share. I got my funnel cake with strawberries & whip cream. It was so yummy and was only $5.00. Eric got the regular funnel cake with powdered sugar. His was only $4.00. I thought that was pretty reasonable. You can't go to the fair & not get funnel cake.

Usually one of our favorite things to do at the fair is to watch the hypnotist show. But this year there was no hypnotist. Boo hoo!!! If I would have known that, I probably wouldn't have gone to the fair.

Since we didn't have any entertainment, Mike and I decided to just sit and watch the people. Plus we were both pretty tired. While we were waiting and watching we did see a pirate show. Lucky for us, it was all way up high on a tight rope. It was pretty good, but not as good as a hypnotist show.

About 9pm Eric's family decided they wanted to leave. But Jesse & Brin were still having fun, so we stayed until 10pm.

I'm pretty sure the kids had a fun time at the fair. For the rest of us, it was just OK. Eric said he probably wouldn't go back next year. We probably will, but it really depends if they have a hypnotist show next year or not and I'm not going if we are not feeling well.

The SoCal Fair is a small fair, but perfect for a few hours of fun.


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