Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fall has arrived

Fall has arrived in Southern California. At least on the calendar it has. For the past week it has been more like summer than fall. Temps have been around 100 degrees. And the nights have been warm as well.

Danica called & asked if they could come over Saturday to swim as it was so hot. We were out shopping at the time so I asked if they wanted to come over early in the evening for dinner and swimming. They said yes & our fall celebration plan was in full force.

Now last Saturday I had planned an end of summer celebration, but Eric & Cade had been hiking all day & were too tired to come celebrate. And the other family I had invited ended up having a plugged up drain, so they couldn't come. So our end of summer celebration was a complete bust. So Mike & I went to Red Lobster for dinner instead. But when Eric's family said they wanted to come over this weekend, I made an impromtu beginning of fall celebration. Any excuse for a party.

It ended up only being Eric, Danica, Cade & my family for the fall celebration. The rest of Eric's family didn't want to make the trek over to our house (15 minute drive).

While I was fixing dinner, the rest of the gang looked at pictures I had out & reminised about old times. For dinner we had spaghetti, sausages, salad & garlic bread. We ate outside under the stars. Dinner was very tasty. After dinner we were planning on going swimming. But when we tried to get in the pool, the water was a cold 74 degrees. Usually during the summer the pool temp is in the 80's & with the temps being so high this past week, I thought for sure the water temp would be up, but we were wrong.

No one was brave enough to go into the pool, except for Cade. He jumped in the pool once, but immediately go out as it was too cold. So the rest of us opted for the warm jacuzzi instead. Eric said the jacuzzi felt great on his sore back. We didn't have the jacuzzi temp too high, just warm enough to enjoy.

We were going to watch a movie outside by the pool, but decided it wasn't worth the effort. We just visited & laughed with one another instead.

All in all it was a fun evening for a spur of the moment event. Wish you could have been there.


P.S. Don't forget show & tell Monday tomorrow. Be sure to post pictures of your favorite room in your house.
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