Friday, September 26, 2008

New features: Friday Family Face and Show & Tell Monday


I want to start a spotlight of each family member so that we can all get reacquainted and get to know those family members that we don’t know (children and/or spouses).

I have sent an email to each of you that I have a email address for, with a questionnaire that I’ve put together. Please answer all the questions or as many as you feel comfortable answering. You can elaborate on your answers if you want. I know it is a lot of questions, but it gives me the option of highlighting different questions & things about each person each week. I promise I won’t use all the questions each week. I’ll try & use about 10-15 of the questions at any one time.

Please forward the questionnaire that I have emailed to all your family members including children and their spouses if they have one (this mostly applies to Bunkers as I don't have Rick & Tyler's emails or Marti's kids) . Have everyone in your family (adults & children) fill this questionnaire out & email back to Kim at as soon as possible. I would also like you to email me some photos of each person to go with their questionnaire if at all possible. At least 1 photo so we will know what you look like. I should get back a questionnaire & photos for each person in your family.

Each Friday I will pick a person to spotlight & pick some questions from the questionnaire to put in blog with answers so everyone can get to know everyone again. And get to know spouses & children that we may or may not know.

Email me if any questions. Looking forward to finding out more about each of you. If you don’t want to participate, please email me & let me know.

I'm also going to have Mondays be "Show & Tell" on the blog. I will try & think up a different subject each week. This Monday 9/29/08 the subject will be: MY FAVORITE ROOM IN MY HOME. You can post photos of your favorite room in your home, apartment condo, tent, whatever you live in and describe the reasons you love this room in your home.

I hope that each of you will participate in this.


P.S. I will start this Friday Family Face off this week with Me.

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