Monday, September 15, 2008

Someone who needs our prayers

I don't know about you, but I love to look at blogs on the internet. I love to see what goes on in the lives of other families. It usually means more when I know the family that I am reading about, but other times, I can be quite moved by someone I don't know.

Today I had one of those experiences in blog hopping. Usually on Mondays, I check out the blogs of everyone I know & when things are slow at work, I click on blogs or links listed on those blogs. In doing so today I found out about a family who is faced with tragedy, but is using their faith and family to cope with this tragedy. I have not been so moved by something in a long time. I don't know this family, but I can relate to them (probably because I am Mormon) and the strength that family can be.

Christian & Stephanie Nielson were in a fiery plane crash in Arizona back on August 16th. Both are in the hospital with burns, fighting for their lives. Stephanie has a blog where she writes about her daily life as a wife & mother. I guess it has quite the following. I never saw or heard of her blog until today. Well her sister has taken over the blogging so that everyone will know what is going on with her sister's family since the accident. They are also doing fund raising & asking for prayers. I just loved reading how everyone in their family stepped up to the plate to take care of the 4 children of this couple and their love for each other & the gospel. I'm sure that if something like this happened in my family, that we would all do the same thing.

Anyways, I thought this was an inspirational story & thought you might be touched as well. Click on the link & it will take you to the sister's blog. This story shows how we can all be connected even if we aren't related.


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Prescott family said...

Wow that is a touching story! It will be interesting to hear how they progress, thanks for the link! I do the same thing - blog hop I mean... I was touched by a LDS family I found in Arizona that is dealing with the loss of their 2 year old daughter. She some how go into the families swimming pool before her mom knew it & drowned. So sad! I am so touched by the faith of this family & how it gets them through their day to day life.