Monday, September 1, 2008

Kim's 50th birthday party

On Saturday we celebrated my turning 50 (Even though I have been 50 for about 10 days now). The party was held at my house (as I have the pool). Mom, Dad, Jodi, Eric's family-Eric, Jeannette, Danica, Jase & Cade (Taylor couldn't come as she had a babysitting job), Andrea's family-Andrea, Jamey, Zak, Nate, Simon, Noah & Marcus (Zak's best friend who is living with them right now), My friend Lynne from work & Danica's best friend & my pretend niece Bethany were all here. I had invited quite a few others, but everyone else either had prior engagements or lived to far to attend. If you were not able to come, you missed a fun party. Maybe next time.

The party started at 3pm with a pool party. We ate chips, dips, salsa, nachos, boneless buffalo wings that Jesse made, veggies for snacks. Later on Mike BBQ'd hamburgers & hot dogs for dinner. After dinner we opened gifts & had cake and ice cream. Everyone except for Eric's family left about 8pm. After that my family & Eric's family watched Nightmare Before Christmas in our outdoor movie theater at the pool. Mike has 2 bamboo pools that he puts up & stretches an outdoor screen across the pool. He has a projector that he sets up at one end of the pool & it is attached to Jesse's X-box. There are speakers stratigically set up around the pool for sound. Danica, Jesse & Mike sat in the jacuzzi to watch the movie. Eric & Jeannette sat at the edge of the pool. I sat on a chair in the wading part of our pool (so that my feet were in the water). It is fun to watch a movie outside.

It was a fun party & I thank everyone who came. It meant so much to me that you did come & shared this monumental moment in history with me.

Here are some photos of the day. Enjoy!!!

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Your Momma Somma said...

Happy Belated Birthday Kim!!! The BIG 50. I must warn you that it is contagious.....I turned fifty, then Becky fell to the ailment and Tyler is steadily creeping toward the same thing. Please warn your siblings! All that they have ahead of them are more and more birthdays; increasing pleasant memories to made; family gatherings that increase in size as children get married and have babies of their own; beautiful dawns and stunning sunsets; increasing wisdom that comes from experience and deepening appreciation for every blessing granted by God. Ahhhhh it is not bad at all!
Have a grand second half to your life :-)
Love your cousin- Marti