Friday, September 10, 2010

Last Fling of Summer & Happy Birthday Jeannette

Fall has definitely arrived here in southern California. The temps have been in the 70's all week. NICE!

But last Saturday it still felt like summer & was on the hot side. So I invited Eric's family over for one last summer fling and an outdoor movie.

Jeannette was the only one who didn't come. She had worked all day & was tired. Too bad as I had made chocolate cupcakes to celebrate her birthday. Which by the way is today.
Happy Birthday Jeannette!!!! Or in other words, happy 32nd anniversary of your 18th birthday.

I promise not to divulge how old you are today.

Just have a grand day. And don't forget your cane, you might need it now.

And now back to our regular scheduled post. Taylor & Michael arrived in their very first car as a married couple. They had just purchased it the day before.

Here is Taylor showing off the car.

Too bad Taylor can't drive it. She let her permit lapse & has to get a new one. So for now, only Michael can drive the car.

We had a fun time swimming and then BBQing hamburgers. I never seem to get any photos of the food. Probably as we are always too busy eating it.

After dinner it was time to relax in the jacuzzi & watch a movie, pool side.

We even invited our neighbor over. Her hubby had a tooth ache so he didn't come. But Roxanne and her sons Reinhold & Hayden came over. Even Jesse's girlfriend Brin was there. And Cade brought one of his friends over as well.

Our pool has this shallow area that is perfect for sitting in a chair. You can keep your feet in the water to stay cool. Or better yet, sit in the jacuzzi to watch the movie. Except you get quite wrinkled by the end of the movie.

Michael & Taylor actually left before the movie started. Party poopers!!!

Here is Mike setting up the projector. He is waiting for Jesse to bring out the Xbox to play the movie.

And here is the movie screen all set up over the pool. Just waiting for it to get dark enough to show the movie.

And what movie did we watch?

Danica & I love, love, love this movie. We have to watch it every year. This has become an annual event for us. Gets us in the mood for Halloween.

Gary Oldman is so sexy in this movie. Be still my heart! Don't tell Mike.

Even a couple of doves wanted to watch the movie.

You can tell who the die hard Dracula fans are, as Danica & I were the only ones who stayed & watched the entire movie. Everyone else either got tired, too wrinkled or too scared to stay.

Oh well. They missed out on some killer s'mores. Just kidding. We didn't make s'mores. But now that it has become cooler, they are sounding pretty good. Maybe this weekend.

It was a fun night spent with some of my most favorite people in the world. Can't wait to do it again.

I love spending time with my family. They are the best. Too bad everyone else in my family wasn't here.

Well I better go get ready for work. Just wanted to get this post done & to wish Jeannette a Happy Birthday!!!

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